Thursday, July 3, 2014

33 weeks

How far along? 33 weeks

Total Weight Gain? +26

Maternity Clothes? Unless it is my Tuesday to run errands, I am basically in Alex's shirts and sweatpants/leggings.

Stretch Marks? Nothing New

Sleep: I keep waking up dying of thirst and having to go to the bathroom at least 3 times if not more now. At least I get to sleep in!  I have been having more and more trouble sleeping, but I think that has to do with the fact that I am also napping from being tired during the night before and then my naps go to long and then I am not tired for the next night.  Vicious circle!

Best Moment this Week: Celebrating Brynn's bridal shower and bachelorette party.  It was nice to spend time with family and to celebrate her upcoming wedding!  Crazy to think it is coming so fast...that coming fast means he is coming fast!  It is getting really close and real!

We had a good doctor appointment.  Heard the heartbeat...he was sleeping. They decided he needed to be stimulated to make sure he was moving fine....well then he moved for another good 2 hours.  Didn't anyone ever tell them not to wake a sleeping baby!?! 

Miss Anything? Moving for more than one day in a row with out needed a day off.  Nolan is super low and I can feel him hitting my cervix.  That means a day of walking now means a day of resting.

Movement: He moves a great deal.  He takes some days off that always make me nervous, but then I start a kick count and he always passes.  Then there are days where he is moving all day long just headbutting that cervix like it is a game!  He is so low!

Food Craving? none

Anything making you queasy or sick? Dairy products (most not all) taste sour or old to me but it doesn't seem to bother anyone else. It gags me thinking of sour dairy (I once bit into a very old creme puff and have been traumatized since).  Unfortunately, cucumber salad and sour cream and chive potatoes have been a no no this week.  :(

Bellybutton in our out? Out

Wedding Rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time?
 I find myself getting more and more emotional.  Shows I watch make me cry--especially if someone is crying on the show.  Pudge was a little sick this week and I cried like a baby.  Alex folding baby clothes, made me cry.  Alex kissed me goodbye and I cried.  

Looking forward to?
 Another week!  Dr. says we are really getting safer and safer each week, and each week feels like an accomplishment.  I am looking forward to another week of him maturing, growing, and getting healthier and healthier. 

Labor Signs?
Contractions and him dropped down super low.  

Anything Else?
Doctor update: Doctor put me on the monitor  and I had one contraction and once stimulated, Nolan moved tons.  Doctor is still amazed every appointment how low Nolan is.  He asked about my symptoms and when I explain them, he then asks what my physical activity is.  I tell him about my 10 minute walks, and my only going out Tuesdays.  He still suggests I sit with my feet up, but does not put me on bed rest yet.  

     My prescription runs out in a week.  We asked if we should renew that prescription and he said we are going to wait and see how things go off of it, but he is thinking we will be in the clear!  
     We also asked at what point can we head to Appleton Medical Center (the hospital we prefer and is closest to our home) instead of Theda Care (about half and hour away but has a NICU).  He says that  36 weeks is our safe time.  AMC can handle no more premie than 36 weeks.  So we do the math and make the calculations, and we able to go out of the NICU range on July 24--2 days before Brynn's wedding.  On the plus side, if I would go into labor at Brynns wedding not only will be be down the road from the hospital, but we will be far enough to be allowed to go to that hospital.  Then we did more math....that is only 3 freaking weeks!  Holy Crap--its getting real now!

     Knowing his due date is only getting closer, we decided it was type to prep.  Alex and I both got into nesting mode.  We filed all the paperwork in our house (and set up a new system for filing in a new filing cabinet), organizing the whole basement, cleaning the whole house, packing our hospital bags, moving thing around in the nursery and more has gotten done.
     I really dont like cooking.  Well, I dont mind cooking, I hate cooking for one or having to come up what to cook.  I have been seeing friends saying they are making freezer meals and I got it into my head to suck it up one day and get tons of meals made and I wont have to decide or cook for myself. So I got on pinterest and started actually going to all those sites you pin.  I found Fun with the Sharps-Freezer to Crockpot Recipes.  These recipes looked good, Alex didn't thing I was making to much for the first try, and IT CAME WITH THE SHOPPING LIST!  It was great not having to sit with all the recipes and figure out how many cans of this and that to buy.  We went shopping and Alex only whined a little bit about shopping (and the cost) ;)  We then worked as a team and pounded out 25 bags of recipes.  Alex only complained once about half way through and then slept like a baby that night!  Can't wait to see how we did!
  I have officially gotten into school planning mode.  I have mapped out the school year in themes, days off, put them into my google calendar, embedded it into my school blog, made a snack sign up, picked all my after school activities, and helped with the accredidation I volunteered to help with.  The program we use for our lesson plans just updated and the new features make it very nice.  I was very excited for the changes and couldn't help myself.  I was excited to get started.  Alex calls me a nerd.  Then,  friend of mine posted this image on facebook and I thought it fit.

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