Saturday, June 30, 2012

Doggie bag

When we travel with our dog we bring quite a few things with us. It is almost like packing a diaper bag, only our "Pudgie Bag."

We have a 17 inch stake we use to tie Pudge up with when we have him outside but aren't always watching... Anyway, the bag needed to be big enough to hold that. I decided 15 inches tall. I wanted a square bottom and sides to allow for more things to fit. 5 inch sides and bottom. I then added 2 inches to each measurement to allow for the 1/2 inch seams (once when putting two fabrics together on each side and then when putting all pieces together.

Layed all the pieces together on the floor right sides together. Sewed all the inner and outer pieces together. Side pieces I sewed the strap right into. Then I sewed all sides together first, inner lining out. Sewed the bottom on and left seams viable, all on the inner lining. Lots of room and so cute for our Pudgie Pie!!

Change in direction

My original intentions of this blog was for it to be a place I put all the funny things my husband, Alex, says--a play off of S*$% my dad says.  Mostly, he says a lot of funny things I wanted to share, but he didn't want to put on facebook.  This got me to thinking. 

1.  There are a lot of things I'd like to share, but I don't necessarily have to share with all those who are on facebook.  Using a blog would allow those who care to read and those who don't to not have to.
2. I read a lot of friends blogs when the post them (whether they know it or not) and see a lot of them as I am pinning ideas on pinterest.  I have seen blogs about pregnancy and chronicling all the changes in their bodies and life, studying abroad and all their adventures, and some teaching--their ideas, thoughts, concerns, and vents.  I wanted to have a place to do all that with out having to bombard facebook and all those people really don't care. 

So here, I am changing the direction of my blogging and using it as a place to write of life changes, ideas, thoughts, cares, and adventures.