Sunday, February 22, 2015

6 Months, 1/2 a year old!

Nolan is 6 months old! 
Here is an update of what has happened this month.  I feel this was one of his "biggest" months.  Nolan has done so many amazing things and continues to baffle me every day.  He is getting so smart, developing a personality, and just being my amazing little boy.  It is truly a blessing to spend these amazing days with this little boy watching him grow.

Weight Gain/Growth
Nolan has his 6 month appointment on Tuesday-then we will have an official weight. We know that for him to be on track from his last appointment, he should be 17.5 lbs.  I got on the scale and weighed myself and then weighed myself holding Nolan at 5.5 months and he was already there.  We are guessing 18 lbs at his 6 month appointment.

All of his 3-6 month clothes are put away and 6-9 month clothes are out. 

Sleep & Bedtime Routine
Nolan has been sleeping pretty consistently through the night.  He goes to bed between 7-8 (depending on where we were that day and how much sleep he already had for the day).  He then sleeps until 4-6 when he wakes to nurse, and then goes back to sleep (usually).  Occasionally he gets up at 6, but most days he gets up 7:30/8.

If Nolan wakes before 7:30, he naps at 9, 12, and 3 (ish).  If he wakes up after 7:30 he naps 10:30/11, and 3 (ish).  I know when I was going back to work, I was looking for sample "schedules" to help me get Nolan on one.  I just thought I'd share for those out there trying to do the same.

At nap time especially, Nolan likes to keep himself awake by saying his B's instead of sleeping.

Milestones & Likes
 Laughing at Badger Dog

Saying his B's (consonants)-and avoiding going to sleep by keeping himself awake.

Actually figuring out the jumper

Playing with Badger-stealing Badger's bone.  Badger is so good with him gently stealing it back.

Eating Cereal-Nolan started eating cereal at 5.5 months.  We knew he was ready when he was stealing food off our plates, making a smacking motion with his mouth while we were eating, he was sitting up all on his own, and he was starting to eat more often. 

Eating Cereal by himself

Being to smart for his own good!  Nolan has been going from sitting to belly and had done so a couple of times before this.  I sat him up again and got the camera out to get it on film.  He had a better idea-he cheated and pulled the blanket instead!

My First Super Bowl--though I am a little sad still about the Packers...
Sitting on the table while mom and dad eat BWW.  I sat all by myself and mommy just had one hand on my leg while she ate with the other.  I played with toys and only tried to steal the ranch once.
Moms first time staying home sick with me.  I had a fever, a cough, and was just plain misearable.   Nobody in our house slept for 2 days....

My first Valentine's Day.   I made a whole bunch of goofy faces.  I am really starting to develop a personality and be a goofball with mommy. 
Mommy had to stay home with Nolan on Thursday Feb 12--the school Valentine's day celebration. On Wednesday, Nolan had to come to school because I had a staff meeting and Alex was working 2-10.  When I took off his hat, Becky mentioned his head feeling warm as we walked by.  I thought it was because I had just taken off his hat.  I let it go. Then I put him down for a nap and when he woke he felt warm again, but I thought it was because he had just woken up.  We went to Culvers and he felt warm there, but again I had just taken off his hat.  When I got home, I finally took his temp because it was bugging me.  It was 100.5* so I texted my principal to tell her if it went up or it was a bad night I would need a sub in the AM.  Nolan woke at 1am screaming-like screaming out in pain.  He couldn't be comforted and that is very abnormal.  I tried for almost an hour to get him to sleep and then Alex came to take over for me.  He took his temp again and it was 101.1*  He game him tylonal and rocked him for another hour and he finally fell asleep, only to wake again 45 minutes-and every 45 minutes after that.  At 5am I called into work.  All day he cried out in pain, and had a fever. I called the doctor and they told me it sounded like a virus and bringing him in would just expose him to more.  He seemed to get better at the end of the night, but then at bedtime he developed a croup like cough and he was up every 1 1/2-2 hours in pain again.  I stayed home in the morning to help him mend, then ran to work to teach math, and then ran back home.  Poor guy took almost a week go get better.

Nolan has been nursing very predictably: when he wakes in the AM, 9, 10:30 snack, 12 (or when he wakes from his nap), 2:30/3 when mommy gets home, 6, and bedtime.

He eats 4 Tbs of cereal and half a small container of food at 6:30/7.

Nolan is liking food.  He has the moving the food to the back of the mouth and swallowing down, we are just working on him getting more efficient with opening his mouth to eat...though I know he gets the concept because he can take the spoon from me and attempt to use it himself.

6 Month Photo Shoot with EllieFay Photography