Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Holiday Season of 2013

As the year of 2013 wraps up, I find myself reflecting on the year and the things I would like to do different for the next year.

I would like to blog/journal more in the next year as it gives me a feeling of accomplishment to see what I have done, but also to keep in touch with family and friends that live far away and want to know what is going on.  I am not sure the rate in which I want to update, but I do commit to doing it more often.

An update since August:

I started my second year of teaching at St. Edward school in Mackville, WI.  I am teaching public 4K in the morning and Catholic 5k in the afternoon (math, science, and social studies).  I am loving the challenge and the excitement of both the grades and the two groups of children.  Conferences are a little tricky as well as navigating my supplies to two classrooms, but so far it has been going well.  I am learning more every day and becoming more and more organized as a go so next year should be much easier.

We added an adorable family member to the Gloudemans clan, Badger.  Badger is a Bichon-shih tzu, also
known as a "Teddy Bear" puppy.  He was 6 months when we got him and he is quickly becoming a member of the family.  Don't you fret, already has his Packer Jersey, Badger Jersey, stocking and more!

Alex has been floating to the Walgreens in the district, some days driving as far as Marinette, over an hour away.  It has been rough working with a varying locations, schedules, and such, but we are happy he has a job.  Since he has been working, we have been able to purchase a new car for him to drive to work, ensuring his safety as he drives these longs drives.  It is a little crazy going from a 2003 2 door Chevy Cavalier to a 2013 4 door 6 cylinder Ford Taurus.

Thanksgiving was interesting as my mom worked 8-3 and Alex worked 3-9, it made the holiday season a little different.  We all didnt get to be together all at the same place at the same time.   It was also interesting to have snow on Thanksgiving this year.  We have come to expect colder weather and
possibly even snow, but this is the first year in a while we have seen the snow.

I have taken up arts and crafts to keep my busy for all the late nights Alex isn't home.  My most recent project was to take a dresser I found at ReStore that was ugly brown and fake wood and change it to a white dresser with antique paint.  Pretty proud of how it turned out.

I will post a step my step of that soon.
We have decorated our house and gotten ready for the holidays, my favorite time of the year.  Though I love sitting in the sun and relaxing at the lake, there is just something special about spending time with family, showing them how much you love them, listening to beautiful music, surrounded by beautiful lights, and celebrating the birth of Jesus.  

As the new year begins and more adventures are brought our way, we will keep the blog updated with photos and stories to keep in touch with everyone. 

 Until then, Merry Christmas!
Love, Alex, Siraya, Pudge, and Badger!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Crazy Storm & Classroom

Wednesday morning (12:45am to be exact) a major storm that developed VERY quickly and produced what they are calling "straight winds." There were gusts in my area 75-86 miles per hour and 5 tornados reported with in 30 miles.  I woke up to my ceiling fan slowing down, which means the power JUST went out.  I run to shut our windows and it looks like a power washer is blasting our bedroom window.  I run to close the kitchen window. As lightning flashes I see that a GIANT branch off our 100 year old tree laying on top of our power lines.  I tried calling non-emergency police to report it, it was dead.  I called 911 and it was busy.  After 25 minutes of a busy signal with 911 (I didn't know that could happen!) I finally got the sheriff who wrote down my address and hung up.  6:30 am the Fire Department checked and the line was dead so we were safe.  The damage is crazy around here.  43 hours later we have power.

All the teachers went to school because our little school was the only place for MILES that had power (how it survived with power we aren't sure) and we all used that to charge our cell phones, be in the light, and some even brought their curling irons!  Needless to say, we got a lot done in our rooms because it was better than being at home!  I actually finished my classroom (the 4k room) and am starting some of the nit-picky details!

The power just came on, the first thing I do after resetting all the clocks?  Blog of course!

Here are some storm pictures & room pictures.

Tree pinning down our overhead power lines in my back yard

When the lines pulled down, they pulled this metal pole bending it 90* This pole brings the lines into our home.  It went from a lower case l to a capital L!
When the lines pulled down, they pulled this metal pole bending it 90* This pole brings the lines into our home.  It went from a lower case l to a capital L!
My hand on the branch that fell...the branch, not a tree, but one branch!
the left of the screen is the power line, the right is the end of the tree.  The width of my back yard is the height of the BRANCH from our tree!
Splintered power lines on my way to school. 
Splintered power lines on my way to school.
43 hours later, we have the wonderful WE Energy man who drove more than 2 hours to help our area putting the power back on in service!  The closest hotel he could find (when he gets off at midnight) is an hour away.  The linemen are working SO HARD to help us.  Thank You!
After clean up, this is the cut up branch in front of our house.  So much tree, but we were SO lucky to have our home, our cars that we use to go to work, and NO  injuries.  


Monday, June 10, 2013

Dr. & Mrs. Alex Gloudemans

Alex officially graduated with his PharmD over Memorial Weekend!

It was kind of nice to be back in Illinois and see old friends, see old hang out places, and be back where we were for our first year of marriage.  Though I did not particularly enjoy the majority of the time we had there, there is something sentimental about the first place we had,  the first time we did everything on our own, and the first of many things.

The banquet was fun to see friends we haven't seen since the last Pharm Friend Wedding (last August). It was a little lengthy, but Tyler did a great job with his speech!

Some Banquet Photos:

Ahhh! Doctor!  Although, I have a bone to pick.   I supported his but for 3 years, dressed him for the day, AND I was the one to fill out the reply card in the first place, and all I get is "& Guest"?!?!
So many silverware!

It was a wonderful ceremony.  It was short to the point and he left a Doctor!  Alex worked his butt off for this day so I could not be more proud of him for making it this far.  I love you Dr. Alex Gloudemans!

And Finally, for your grand finale---or should I say, The End

Saturday, March 16, 2013

March mantle

I bought the green vase filler that looks like tall grass at Shopko.  It was pretty cheap, buy one get one half off.  I found the G from my bridal shower that was purple and green themed.  The cute St. Patrick's day wording came from Shopko as well.  I threw on a strand of LED shamrock lights.  Finally, throw in a green candle and March mantle done!

I basically took all things green and put them out on the is the only thing spring around here.

 The day before St. Patrick's day: 2 inches of snow. Last year on this day, it was 80*!

We finished shoveling just in time for this lovely plow go to through.

Spring break is in two weeks, doesn't look like I will be doing much spring break activities.  I better find a sweater dress for an Easter dress this year!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

insert excited, sick, and needs a break 4k teacher squeal here!

Tomorrow is *FINGERS CROSSED* (insert excited, sick, and needs a break 4k teacher squeal here) a potential snow day!

My plans for the day if we have off:

Clutter-Free ClassroomALL of it.  I am going to read it, create a plan, and do what I can to get started!

Check out her blog!  Lots of GREAT ideas.

And if you have time: wear your jammies inside out, flush ONE icecube down the toilet, put a white crayon in the freezer, and sleep with a spoon under your pillow---at least that is what the kids here tell me I have to do.....

what *hopeful* snow day rituals do you have?