Thursday, July 10, 2014

34 weeks

How far along? 34 weeks

Total Weight Gain? +27

Maternity Clothes? yes, if I get dressed.  Last week's laundry consisted of 2 pair of sweatpants and 2 tank tops....

Stretch Marks? only on my left thigh.  Apparently they aren't growing in unison.  Doesn't surprise me, I have always been crooked....

Sleep: I am up every 1.5 /2 hours to go to the bathroom.  

Best Moment this Week: Celebrating 4th of July at Festivus with the Vanden Heuvel family.  It was nice to see families we havent seen in a while and spending time in a place we love.  

Miss Anything? Moving like normal, getting ready to the school year when others are, not having limits.  

Movement: He is doing a good job moving.  To get him to move a little more, Alex talked to him at the Doctor's office and he went crazy. He knows his mommy and daddy's voice, but loves his daddy's!

Food Craving? none

Anything making you queasy or sick? not this week

Bellybutton in our out? out, way out.

Wedding Rings on or off? Off, they are hanging on my necklace.  I am able to get them on and off, but it is so close I am not risking it.

Happy or Moody most of the time? I have been in quite a bit of pain this week in one of my ribs, so I have been pretty mopey about it.

Looking forward to? Meeting our little one and getting my ribs back!

Labor Signs? At this point, same old, same old.

Anything Else? Doctors Update: Things are basically the same.  I am contracting, but responding to my medication.  When it is gone ( 7 days) we are not refilling because we are close enough.  His head is still super low and my doctor still wants me sitting with my feet up more than anything else.  2 weeks until we are out of NICU range, and I really want to wait until then, but after that, I want.him.out.  He is KILLING my ribs.  There are days I just cry about it.  It is not a severe pain, no where near my appendicitis, kidney infection, or what labor will be like, but it is a constant pain that I can do NOTHING about to make it go away.  No stretches, no position, nothing.  It is like a side ache that you will never be able to get rid of for 6 more weeks.  The thought is exhausting and painful.  We shall see when he decides to grace us with his presence, but honestly I think he will be late now that we were all worried about him coming early.  It is the Gloudemans' luck....If you are laying cement, it is going to rain. ;)

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