Tuesday, March 24, 2015

7 Months

Nolan is 7 months old! Here is an update of what has happened this month.  Where does time go?!?

Weight Gain/Growth

Nolan is a chunk!  At his 6 month appointment (Feb 24) he was 19lbs 13oz (87%)  We are pretty sure he has since passed up 20lbs.  He is short for his age (21%).  He also has a huge head (77%).  He is getting stronger as well.

Sleep & Bedtime Routine
Nolan usually sleeps through the night, but occasionally has a night where he decides to party.  We are working on him putting himself back to sleep, but we both are really not a fan of letting him cry.  We will let him go 2-3 minutes of crying because it is often he will go back to sleep at this time.  If he doesnt at that time, we try first to calm him down by patting him.  We try this until he is asleep or just calmed down.  We try walking out again.  Sometimes this works sometimes we repeat a couple times.  If it does not work after a couple tries, we will take him out and rock him.  We then put him back to bed when he is asleep.  I am really trying not to nurse overnight because I know with all the solids and nursing he does before bed he doesn't need it but wants it to snuggle.  I try to give him his snuggles with out needing to nurse.  If we have been doing the trying to get to sleep thing for over 2 hours, I try to nurse to calm him down.  That  usually helps, but occasionally even that doesnt work...we just have to wait until he decides the party is over.

We can no longer swaddle Nolan
because he has really started rolling in his sleep.  He is sleeping in his zippy and it has been going great.  He knows when he is in a zippy it is sleeping time.  He loves being in it.

Now, Nolan will roll in his sleep to his stomach or his side as he shimmys over to the side.  He can often been found on his belly or pressed up against his crib side.  I moved him back to the center and onto his back for a couple nights only to find him in the same places again and again.  I have been told as long as he can roll easily, the bumpers are breathable (he was putting his arms and legs out and bumping his head so we had to invest in some breathable bumpers), and he is staying asleep to leave him.  It still makes me nervous, but I am at a loss for what to do next.  ( I have heard of putting noodles under the sheets, but the way he is putting his face against things, I feel if he would press his face against the sheets with a noodle it would not be breathable)

Milestones & Likes

  • Sitting Up-Nolan sits up completely on his own now.  We don't put much behind him and he rarely tips over.  He only tips over forward while he is reaching for things. 
  • Sitting to crawling position- He is leaning forward while sitting and then catching himself for the most part-though not quite holding himself up on his belly.  He then goes from his belly to reaching really far and kicking.
  • Crawling-Nolan isnt quite crawling, but developing many of the pre crawling skills.  He will go up on his knees, but his forehead is on the floor.  He props up really  high on his arms but his butt goes down.  He can prop up on his hands and walk his hands 180* around.  He then rolls where he wants to go after "angling it right."
  • Standing- He will stand with support--holding fingers or up against his standing toys or the couch.  He will also bounce while he is standing.
  • Walking- While holding Alex and my hands, Nolan is starting to pick up his feet and bend his knees in a walking form.  Though he is not close yet, he is getting some of the pre walking skills.
  • Teeth- Nolan's 2 bottom teeth broke through before he was 6 months, but he was always rubbing his tongue on them so we never got a photo.  Just recently, he started letting us see them!
Nolan likes to chew on pacifiers.  He does not like to suck them, but to bite and pull them out of his mouth.  We discovered this when he kept stealing Charles' paci at grandma's house.  Whatever makes him happy!

Sophie is still one of his favorite toys.  He is starting to figure out how to make it squeak.  He loves to chew on her and to just hold her.  Sophie is the one toy we make sure goes everywhere we do.  If Sophie can't fix it, pretty much nothing can.

Music is a big deal. He loves watching lights and other movement (his projector, his light up toys, and more).  The more music and lights it makes the better.  His piano, his talking/singing bears, they are all great.

Nolan has just recently started playing with and reaching for toys in the bathtub.  He loves his floating turtles that have mirrors or rattles or more.  He loves sitting up in the bathtub and play with those.  He is always reaching!



Trip to the waterpark-Dells

First time in his swing-playing outside....and eating his swing.

First walk with mommy and daddy!

Mommy learned the value of a 5 point harness.  He has never had a problem, never pulling on his seatbelts, but dropping his paci was just to much this day.  He is leaning out of his swing reaching for the swing.  This picture does not do it justice, if you look is right leg is always in the seat, he is hanging by his waistband.  We now use the whole 5 point harness.

St. Patrick's Day

We made it a month sickness free!