Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Move (part 1)

Our bags are packed, we are getting ready to go!

We have the final walk through today at 10, closing at 1, and we can get in at 3!  We cannot wait to get started!

Before Photos:
living room
Fire place and reading nook 
Stairs, garage entrance, bathroom, coat closet, wall the TV is on.
Entering the dining room/kitchen 
Back Yard
No pictures of upstairs as the guy was cleaning the carpets at the time.

I can honestly say I have NEVER felt the exhaustion I have felt this week.  It started with when we got in on Friday.  The previous owners were supposed to leave the paint colors, but upon starting the touch ups upstairs, it was discovered they left a primer instead of the upstairs paint color so we could not paint the rooms.  This means that the moving crew was still coming Saturday but we could not have the walls painted first.

The moving commences all day on Saturday and pretty much everything was moved over.  We fell into bed on Saturday after hours and hours of moving.  We slept at the old house and cuddled with the dogs getting ready for the new home the next day.

We woke up early on Sunday to get started on moving, cleaning, and painting.  Alex enjoyed cuddling with the dogs in the bed one last time as the dogs will not be allowed in bed or bedroom in the new house.

Sunday was spent all day unpacking the boxes that did get moved, and painting and painting and unpacking. It was VERY late on Sunday by the time we got in bed.

Once the week started, we left for work, worked all day, got out of work as soon as we could, came home, work on the house until 11ish, and then fall into bed to do it again.

By Thursday (today), we have hit our walls.  We both took the night off from everything and rested, watched tv, went to diner, took our weekly picture (yay), and watched more tv.  I unpacked a couple boxes and was in bed at a normal time.  FINALLY!

The unpacking had almost all wrapped up, things are going on the walls, and after pictures should be ready this weekend!

The plus side? The closets and drawers are done!  I love my color coded systems.  

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