Friday, May 30, 2014

28 Weeks

How far along? 28 Weeks

Total Weight Gain? +21 at Dr. appt

Maternity Clothes? Yes!  and I SCORED some awesome second hand ones from a high school friend.  I am loving my new wardrobe!  It is so much more comfortable and puts me at ease knowing my clothes actually fit and look good on me.

Stretch Marks? no

Sleep: I have become narcoleptic.  I fall asleep on the couch, I go to bed early, and wake up late.  I have been exhausted, BUT other than my trips to the bathroom,  have been sleeping like a champ.  I asked Alex for advice thinking he had some quick food ideas of vitamin ideas I could try quick at school.  His answer, not what I expected, thought it did give me a good laugh!

Best Moment this Week: Literally playing with Nolan.  On Saturday, I was outside reading.  I was dog-sitting for a friend, and their dog was MUCH happier outside so outside is where we all went (me and the 3 dogs).  I was happily reading  and I set my book on my stomach to check on the dogs.  When my book started moving!  I know babies kick to the feel of something infringing upon their space so I lifted the book up-revealing sunlight.  He kicked that.  Hmmmm, I had just read they are beginning to see light and such at this point so I put the book over me-not touching, but making a shadow.  He kicked the shadow. Then I lifted it for sun, he kicked again!  I played peek-a-boo with him!  Of course he stopped before I could catch it on film.

Miss Anything? jogging or getting anywhere fast.  My sciatic is doing pretty good as long as I keep a steady paced, sure footed, walk.  If I have to jog, I move to unevenly, have to brace myself for a blow on the legs or sudden dart across the sidewalk by Badger, it hurts.  

Movement: TONS--and the times are getting predictable.  He likes to move after school (when I sit for the first time most days), and 9:30/10 when I am laying down.

Food Craving? I got the snow-biz I have been wanting for 2 years.  Alex promised me when we moved back to Wisconsin and it was down the road we could go.  Well the whole time we lived in Kimberly (5 months short of the 2 years), we NEVER went.  We were driving by on our way to Monday dinner and I put my foot down and said I didn't care what was for dessert at his parents, I was getting snow-biz on the way home (and still eating their dessert of course).  MMMMMM that Tiger's Blood was everything I dreamed it to be (and the lemon marang pie and scotcharoo with M&Ms I ended up eating for dessert because I couldn't pick between the two was delicious, too)

Anything making you queasy or sick? no

Bellybutton in our out? out

Wedding Rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time? Getting a little more emotional and more easily set off than before.  Sorry, everyone!

Looking forward to? Doctor's Appointment on Tuesday (rhogamm shot), Graduation on Tuesday as well, Dress Fitting for Amy's Wedding on Wednesday, last day of 4k Thursday, Last day of school Friday!  Crazy busy week!

Labor Signs? Those braxton hicks are getting frequent but I can almost directly correlate them to needing to drink more water or needing to go to the I get one I drink more water, I get one I have to go to the bathroom, I get one I drink more water, I get one I have to go to the bathroom.....

Anything Else? I am pretty sure besides some very minor details the nursery is pretty much finished!

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