Friday, March 3, 2017

Stella 9 Months

9 Months
Likes: crawling everywhere, stealing Nolan's things, eating, 
Dislikes: being over tired, sleeping through the night (still up  2/3 times a night:10, 1, 4), wiping her nose, having to stop for a diaper change
Can/Does: crawls, pulls up, stand for a second if let go of her hand, fake laugh, eat solids, drink from a sippy cup
Size/Weight: Still tiny.  3-6 month clothes mostly fit, some are short and some 6 month clothes
1/2 a tooth!

Celebrating the Super Bowl!  We had the party at our house with our friends and the kids had a lot of fun! It is amazing how large our brood is growing!  As of now, next Super Bowl we will have 9 kids 5 and under!

 2 days later and crawling across the room

Crawling up Daddy

Found the doorstop.  Only took her 6 days of crawling.  It is removed now.

Starting to say her consonants.  Dada wins!

Here she has to do what her brother is doing and pulls up to do it. She really is a stinker and I see her crawl as fast as she is capable of when Nolan has a new toy. The more dangerous and she shouldn't have it the more she wants it and faster she moves towards it.

First Valentine's Day
We started the day by celebrating at home, then we took Noley to Children's to talk about his sleep and we ate at Firehouse subs.  Stella is doing so well eating big people food and sitting in high chairs. She loves to hear her own voice and often yells as loud as she can in restaurants and then laughs at our reaction.
Went to SkyZone to jump with a mommy group.  Nolan loved jumping and Stella loved the attention and the bouncing. She started in the carrier but then she wanted to be a bigger part of the action.  She even jumped in the foam pit with Noley and I!

We had miracle 60*+ weather in February so we took advantage of being outside!

Play date at the park!

Food was a lot of what was new for Ms. Stella. haha.  Lots of fun for Stella, lots to clean for mom and dad.
eating baby food by hand
Eating lasagna like Mommy & Daddy

fell (& got stuck) in the hummus
Eating carrots on her own

Went to Emily's third birthday party at Badger State park.  She, naturally, was stealing from Nolan.

These two LOVE playing peek a boo with mommy and daddy, especially out the car door.

Her hair just cracks me up!
At our next birthday party, Stella took it upon herself to help unwrap the presents (or eat all the paper that they removed). Then, best thing ever, Nolan and Stella began playing with one of the tools together.  
She is good at and not afraid of going through tunnels.

 Standing is starting to happen!  First with Grandma only holding a little bit.  Then on her own. She is also holding on to things and doing it with only one hand.

Resisting sleep....falling asleep while crying.

The little stinker will not sleep at grandmas house....unless mommy is holding her.

Stinker does not like to hear the word no.  This is her reaction to being told no bears in her mouth.
Stella is getting to do more and more with with us at the children's museum!
She has been watching Daddy and Nolan and learning how to play music

EllieFay Photography & Design did her 9 month photos, SO CUTE!

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