Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nolan's update

Days after a diagnosis are crazy. You have a million phone calls to make, strategies to try, etc.  While we have been doing all of that (and appointments are trickling in but we have no new news yet) we have continually been working with Nolan. We are seeing some great progress from this amazing little boy and mama wants to take a moment to show the growth we have seen.

New words: suction cups

He actually stopped daddy before he blew out his candles and wanted to do it!

Told daddy happy birthday

He isn't singing songs yet, but filling in the words!  Getting closer!

Physically, Nolan hasnt had many challenges, but the last trip to the water park was scary to him.  He "jumped" into the water after lots of coaxing and patience of daddy!

Helping Mommy feed Stella!

Sorting his bears! So great with his colors and sorting, he LOVES these bears!

Back in May, Nolan could spell his name with help.  That faded around when Stella was born and it is just starting to come back again!

Nolan learns language through a script, but he is very good at memorizing scripts!  Here he knows how old he is.

I am a firm believer in helping kids learn self sufficiency.  We have given Nolan the chores of feeding the dogs and the fish! He is using language and doing a great job with this chore.

He is using his language and it was totally spontaneous!  I have no idea where he learned it but I am so proud of him!

He loves jumping! I am so proud of him for jumping two feet like a big kid!

Driving is only in a circle, but it is progress from last year!

Using tools, language, and following verbal directions in his new chair

Nolan is being a big helper, showing love towards his sister, and just being so incredibly sweet.

Nolan wanted me to help him. He is using language, communicating his needs, and just being so darn cute!

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