Monday, August 15, 2016

The Puggle and the Chocolate Paste.....

On Saturday I managed took both kids to Target to get cake mix to make Nolan's family birthday cake and another birthday party gift.  Then I took both kids (by stroller, it was only 3 houses down) to the birthday party by myself. It was another one of those days where I felt like super mom.  Alex met me there and we played for a little longer.  Then we walked mom fail.

Now, if you know anything about the puggle breed you know that they pretty much are food hounds.  They want food, need food, find food.  We have had this puggle for 5 years and know he can catch food out of your hand or off the counter before it hits the floor.  He's been known to find that half eaten granola bar in your school bag or the kids snack cups.  That being said, this was a first.

We came home at bedtime.  Alex took Nolan up stairs, and I set Stella's carseat on the coffee table to unbuckle her.  I looked up and all I could manage to yell out was "oh my f***ing gosh!"  Alex comes running down the stairs to see what was wrong.  With wide eyes I turn and point at my living room.  Pudge the Puggle managed to rip through the bottom of a target bag, through the cardboard box, and through the plastic of the cake mix and managed to lick it up (creating a chocolate paste on my white carpet) 4 freaking locations across my carpet.  There was chocolate paste on the hangers of clothes, on the clothes I bought for gifts, on books, and on the floor.

This photo is after Alex had gone over it more than once with the vacuum. It then needed to be spot treated. Then I went over it with the carpet shampooer at least 5 times and finally at 9:30 at night my floor was clean again.  Dumb puggle is lucky he's cute...and our first born.

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