Saturday, August 13, 2016

But my baby is blue...

I am attempting something new, more little posts than really long ones.

Back to Stella's baptism day.....
July 24, 2016
Stella's baptism was pretty much 100% humidity.  The temperature wasn't bad but humidity was killer.  She was pretty uncomfortable all day because of the heat.  Once the party was done, we took her to her nice air conditioned room.  She had a nice 3 hour nap.  She was normal when she woke up and then we went about business as normal.  Before bed, we gave her a bath.  A normal warm bath.  I was drying her off and I noticed, my baby was blue/purple.  Not above her neck and not below her belly button.  Her torso and arms, thats it.

I instantly ran through triage.  Is she breathing? Yes.  Are her lips blue? No.  Is her skin cold? No.  Did she wear something blue to rub off on her skin? No, it was baptism day, she wore white.  Is she in distress? No--actually she is laughing and cooing.  When I touch it, it turns white and then goes blue again.  What.the.heck.

I called the on call nurse.  I wasn't panicked but I really felt I needed to discuss this with a medical professional.  She seemed perplexed.  She asked the same questions I did above.  Had me take her temp, maybe her internal temp was off.  Rectal temp was 98.6* on the head. She asked if it was the lighting, I took her to every room, natural light, florescent light, warm white lightbulbs....still blue.  At this point I am pretty sure the nurse is googling.  Everything came up with what we already checked out to be fine.....  but my baby is blue!

We were on the phone about 25 minutes and in that time it began to fade.   The nurse was relieved and basically said she was putting it in her file and to watch it closely.  Never happened again.

Seriously, if it is weird and doesnt have a medical explanation, its going to happen to our family!

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