Saturday, August 27, 2016

Nolan is Two-dles!!

It is hard to believe my baby boy is 2!

Likes: Mickey, Trains, Trucks, letters, numbers, and toy food. He LOVES jumping!

Dislikes: taking pictures, having to hold his sister, being told what to do, made to stay still.

Eats: Not a very picky eater, though he does not like skins/peels. He loves pickles (insides) and Tomatoes (peels skin off).  He loves milk (whole) which we are now switching to what we drink.

Sleep: Consistently sleeps through the night, but still taking 1-2 hours to go down for nap or bed.  We are playing with bed time and nap time a bit to try and shorten that, but he does get the recommended total hours of sleep (12-14 hours) so we can't complain to much!

Size/Health: He is 26.2 lbs (43%) 33.5 in tall (19%) and head size is 47.7 cm (34%).  He is a little peanut but growing perfectly on his curve so he is a healthy little boy! Belly button is still herniated, but since it is still soft and not bothering him it is cosmetic and we are leaving it for another year (and even in a year a surgeon may say leave it).  He just lost a toe nail from hand foot mouth he had almost 2 months ago!  Doesn't seem to bother him though!

Knows: He can count 1-13, sometimes skipping order.  He is starting to do it 1 to 1.  He knows most the letters in his name.  He knows some shapes, though we are still working on it.  He knows some colors but insists on saying red when he points to his wall and there never was or will be red, haha.  He knows quite a few words and is beginning to speak in simple sentences.  Here ya go, mama! was one of his longest (handing me the remote).  He is definitely starting to string 2 words together.

Potty: He has sat on the potty after nap almost every day and then before bed.  He has coincidentally gone a couple times with a big celebration but not consistent yet.  He isn't doing much, but at least he isn't afraid!
We celebrated with my family the Tuesday before his birthday since we were going to be going out of town for his birthday.  It was a low key birthday party at our house with Papa Murphy's Pizza we arranged into a Mickey, a double layer cake and cupcakes I made, and a few decorations!  He had a great time!

Nolan got fish from grandma and some trucks and cars from his uncles.  He is in heaven!

We celebrated Nolan's birthday with his friend on his birthday while we were staying at Baraboo Hills Campground.  Nolan woke up to balloons in his pack and play! He loved it!
Before the party, we had fun camping!  Nolan got to ride the double bike that Ellie and Logan rented!  He had so much fun, that the insisted on riding with them to return it because he just wasn't done!
We used the same decorations.  Ordered the cake from Walmart while we were already down in Baraboo so we didn't have to travel 2 hours with a cake, and all the favors (cups, straws, expanding washcloths) were from the Dollar Tree.

For gifts, Nolan got some really cool tractors, a BBQ set, and some letter and number magnets.  Literally 2 hours before that I had pointed to a small bike sitting against a tree and told Alex that was what I was looking for for Nolan.  A complete stranger/neighbor came over with the bike and said her grandson out grew it and she was wondering if any of the 7 kids under 4 there would want it.  We told her we would love it as it was Nolan's birthday and exactly what we were looking for!  He was so excited!  We bought training wheels when we got home and he is loving it!

We celebrated with Alex's family on Monday after we got home.  We, again, re-used decorations, Grandma Katy made party hats with Mickey duck tape, and she picked up cupcakes from the Piggly Wiggly in Little Chute based on a Pinterest picture.
Nolan got a lot of great presents that he loves!  A wheel barrow, a Mickey ball (his Mousekeball), a puzzle with his name, a puzzle with fine motor skills, and an easel.

Nolan also got a card from Grandpa Chew.  I wanted him to send a video saying thank you.  He said, "Thank you, Your Welcome!" haha well he knows, we are just working on it!

Photography: Mommy & EllieFay Photography & Design
Shirt: Etsy MHSwankDesigns
Banner: Etsy SassySeedling
Candle: Etsy LilMonkeyStitchesWV
Circle Cake: Siraya Original ;)
Mickey Driving Cake: Walmart
Mickey Cupcake (red): Piggly Wiggly Little Chute
Favors/Mickey Straws: Dollar tree

Not as large as his first birthday mustache bash!, but we had a lot of fun!

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