Sunday, August 14, 2016

I love you little butt head, but GO TO BED!

Nolan has always been a good sleeper (with the exception of phases/sickness).  Started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks.  Would go to bed rather easy, nurse and then sleep. Since he was a year it was put him in there, he would roll a bit and then go out.  Easy peasy.

Now we are 2 weeks before his 2nd birthday and the little butt head still goes to bed like a champ-- just takes 2 hours to get there!  We do his usual routine, try the potty (not happening, but may as well try!), brush our teeth (2 year molar are coming in), jammies, zippy, books, bed.  He will lay there and be as sweet as can be....lay there, ny ny mama, ny ny daddy.  Then the door closes.  

Boom boom boom, he is kicking the wall (not in a sassy way but in a rhythmic kind of way), squeak squeak squeak he is jumping on the bed.   We get down stairs, turn on the video monitor. Pillow goes flying from one end to the other, stuffed animals go flying to the pillow.  He just trust fell onto the pile.  Oh look! they are back to where they started.  Squeak squeak squeak, trust fall!  **Mommy or daddy get on the mic button, "Nolan, go to bed!"  Trust fall!  All is silent he is laying there....quiet.  Been there 5 minutes, maybe he's asleep.  Eyes are blinking slower, sloooower, slooooooooower. Eureka! He's asleep!...........Barrel roll! Squeak squeak squeak.  Flying animals, flying pillow, squeak squeak squeak, Trust fall!  Is he laughing at himself right now?!  The kid is literally keeping himself awake on purpose.  

Repeat 4-5 times....its been 2 hours.....oh look.  He is finally asleep! (for the next 8 hours).  Nap time, repeat.  

I am at a loss!  How to you MAKE a kid go to sleep?!?!  Especially considering when he does finally go down, he sleeps so well!

Now add in he is in a pack n play at our Gloudemans family vacation.  Same routine, but this time, OH CRAP!  He just went over the side of the pack n play!  Now he is a boy on the loose!  **Mommy or daddy get on the mic button, "Nolan, go to bed!"  Trust fall--on the floor.  **mommy: Face palm.

Luckily when we got home he has not connected crib and pack n play and the ability to get out.  We are going with our friends to a cabin for his birthday (Please stay tuned for a post of going to a cabin with a 11 week old and 2 year old birthday boy in an equinox--entertainment to be had Im sure).  Don't really want to do a toddler bed transition before a where would he go on vacation?  Plus, the top of the pack n play is at the exact height of the bed so if we put him in the bed he was just as likely to fall, only in his sleep.  Fingers crossed we make it through the next week with him in the crib, in the pack n play for the trip and we will transition to toddler bed when he is 2..... Which I am sure will entail a funny post or 2.

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