Saturday, June 14, 2014

30 Weeks!

How far along? 30 Weeks-- I love love love seeing the 3 in front. We are getting close and closer to a healthy time for Nolan to grace us with his presence.  

Total Weight Gain? +20

Maternity Clothes? yes.

Stretch Marks? no

Sleep: I can't get enough!  I have no problem sleeping at night, and I wake up at the same time every night to go to the bathroom. I then wake up at 7 to take my meds, and then back to sleep.  Loving that I am on summer break so I can get the rest I crave.

Best Moment this Week: My surprise shower from my coworkers!  It was so incredibly sweet and I appreciate them so very much!  The nursery is really coming together.  I am so fortunate to have the co-workers I do.  They were so incredibly supportive last week and every one of them volunteered to help me finish up my room for summer vacation and put it back together for next year in about 6 weeks.  Seeing the love and support I have in my life is really great.

Miss Anything? Being able to do what I want, when I want.  I don't have to plan ahead when to pack my meds, where the bathrooms are, how much rest I can get in between, etc.  I was always a very active person and on the go, but now I just have to be more conscious.  I am doing much better at figuring it out though.

Movement: He is still moving quite a bit.  I haven't felt a painful kick as much as slow pokes that pertrude out of my stomach that I slowly push back and a lot of rolls and swimming. 

Food Craving? Target Cherry Icee.  I was able to wait 2 days for it, but I did get it!

Anything making you queasy or sick? I have been getting nauseous in the morning, but it can be cured with eating.  I just stop what I am doing and go eat and I have been fine.

Bellybutton in our out? out

Wedding Rings on or off? on, but I swell occasionally that I take it off, put in on my necklace, and then put them back on when the swelling subsides.

Happy or Moody most of the time? getting more emotional.  

Looking forward to? My Baby Shower! I cannot wait to celebrate Nolan with my family and friends!

Labor Signs? Still having contractions, but they are much fewer and a further apart.  

Anything Else? I have developed an interesting symptom....I think from my meds.  I started on Tuesday.  You know when you feel you are blushing-your cheeks feel hot and you look in  a mirror and your cheeks are red?  Well, my legs have been blushing!  My shins get hot, I look down, and my legs look sunburned!  It has happened a couple times, so we mentioned it to my doctor.

We also had a Doctor's appointment today.  Doctor said that I am still having contractions, though they are less frequent.  I asked him if Nolan was measuring ok because people keep telling me I am small for 30 weeks.  Upon checking my cervix he discovered Nolan is SUPER low already, which makes the way I am carrying look small.  He did an ultrasound just to be sure.  The ultrasound had him measuring at 47%, which it can't get closer to perfect than that.  According to his measurements, he weighs 3 lbs 7 oz.  He is head down pelvis but is facing my right side so not completely locked and loaded, yet.  They are measuring for movement and breathing as well, both of which he passed.  I am still not dilated at all which is great.   I have to go to weekly appointments still and they are going to continue to test my fibronectin to see if labor is close.  I get to find out on Tuesday if I get to stand up in my college friend, Amy's, wedding in Milwaukee.  I hope he lets me go!  I promise to sit in a chair at the end of the aisle!  I am still not on bedrest, but I am asked to modify my activity and take a lot of rests.  Good thing it is summer break!

Just for cuteness sake, here is a picture of badger asleep on my belly--a paw on each side and his head resting on my belly.  He is hugging his human brother!  Pudge is never far behind resting on my feet.  I am getting good a this resting thing!
ps: the air is still not on so it is close to 75* in the house so that is why belly is hanging out.
Surprise Shower/End of Year Party photos:
Kris, our gym teacher, also works in a bakery and she made the cookies

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