Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's a.....

Our friends, the Poppe's, received the envelope on Monday night and prepared the box we made the weekend before.  We tested the rope, the ability to keep the confetti in, and such before bringing them box. They filled the box and we were very careful not to talk to them all week. ;)

On Saturday we had 35 of our family and friends join us in our house to eat, socialize, and pull the cord!  We were so excited!  My heart was beating so fast!

And it's a......BOY!

We are excited to meet our son: Nolan Alex Gloudemans in August.  
The name, Nolan, was my Grandpa Chew, my uncle, and even my aunt's name.  They all spelled it differently (Nolen Sr. Nolen Jr. and Nolynn).  We are so excited to carry on the family name and meet our little guy!

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