Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving from IL to WI (Finally)

Moving day is finally here.  I go to work 6 more times.  I need to leave 6 sets of work clothes and weekend clothes out and the rest can be packed.  My whole life for the past 2 years can be packed.  It is crazy because I am super excited to move into a house by our families, with more room, no shared walls, no crazy neighbors, and simply out of Illinois, but then I get to thinking: this is my first home.  This is the place I lived in when I got married, when I worked my first and second job post grad, the address I gave the college when I graduated, where we got our first dog.  That is a lot to be leaving behind.  It is a little overwhelming.  I dont think it has hit me how different life is going to be.

I was talking with Alex today and I realized that it is kind of weird to be living so close to my family, but not with them.  When I was in college I lived 25 mins away and though I came quite often, I lived at their house when I did it.  Then, when I moved to Illinois, I, again, stayed with them when I came to visit.  Every holiday, every weekend, every break, every time I came home we stayed with them.  Now as we  have a place of our own there will be figuring out...a learning curve.....of when we visit, how often we visit, do I still need to call my mom every day on my drive home from work as I do now?  It is going to be interesting for all of us as we learn where we fit and how we live this new exciting chapter of our lives.

I am trying to figure out the logistics of this move.  I am moving Aug 4th.  I am getting my work keys and have a training that week so I am going home solo.  I will need clothes to wear, supplies for my classroom, some household items, and anything I dont want bouncing in the moving truck.  Then the moving truck (my parents) is coming down Aug 10th.  I will be driving down with them and the plan is to simply pack everything up and drive back up the same day....which means everything needs to be packed before I leave on the 4th as we all know Alex wont pack while I am gone.  Keeping that in mind, Alex has to live in the apartment for 2 more weeks after that as he has to finish his rotation.  So we have to leave him 2 weeks worth of stuff, basic food supplies, internet, tv, etc.  What a Mess!

When all is said and done: I will be a 4k teacher living with my amazing husband in a cute little house in Kimberly, WI right between our families homes, and a part of everyone's life again.  THAT we are looking forward to.  :)

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