Sunday, July 29, 2012

Telling everyone I am leaving

I have found a few things to be true about people from Illinois: 1. When you tell them you are from WI they ask if you are a Packer fan with a grimace on their face and 2. They mention they went to Wisconsin once, THE DELLS (which are great, but not really "Wisconsin enough" for me.

When telling parents at Kensington I am leaving, their replies has mostly been:
1. We will miss you
2. Good Luck/Congratulations
3. Ewww you are going to be a Packer Fan (to which I reply always have been always will be :) )

When telling my class the other day they said:
1. Why?
2. Where are you going?
3. Where is Ms. Wetzel (their previous teacher who left for another school)--not sure the relevance but hey, they are 3.
and my most favorite:
4. so, ugh, are you going to the water park?

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