Wednesday, April 22, 2015

8 Months

I'm 8 months! 
It was a big month for Nolan!

For the first time, taking photos of Nolan was tricky because he has really started to move and be silly!  It was so much fun because he was such a goofball!

Weight Gain/Growth

Nolan had another ear infection and at this appointment it was discovered he had lost 15 oz--weighing 18lbs 14oz.  Still a nice big boy, but only in the 54th percentile now.  The doctor and nurses are ok with the weight loss because they said it could be part a variance in the scales and he was sick as well.  With how he has been eating since he completed the antibiotics I think he is back on the up and up.

Sleep & Bedtime Routine

Nolan has been getting up once a night to eat.  We have tried getting him to not need to eat at these wake ups, but honestly it wasn't worth being awake for over 2 hours when just feeding him could take 5-20 minutes.

He is always put to sleep on his back and he almost always wakes up on his belly.  He usually rolls after about an hour of sleep.

Nolan has been napping much better with the zippy and is even getting pretty regular with his naps.  He takes 2 naps a day that last 45 minutes- 2 hours depending on when he got up and how much sleep he got the night before.

We have put a sound machine in his crib to help with putting himself back to sleep and not crying each time he woke up. Though we are glad he is using it, it is quite entertaining to see that he is making the new noises daddy taught him with his mouth on his new 7:00am on a Saturday.

Milestones & Likes

We had a lot of milestones and new tricks this month!

Nolan got closer and closer to crawling through out the month until he finally got it (inchworm crawl) on the day he turned 8 months (today).
He started with sitting, reaching for something, and then returning to sitting.

He then would get his butt up and wiggle
He then did the inchworm crawl!

Nolan can pull himself up on things and it turns out even if you baby-proof things by putting a table in front of it he can still get to it.....
and he likes to open and shut doors...

He fake coughs for attention (and things it is funny)

He can officially say DaDa!

He has really found his voice--and is getting stronger at "standing"

He loves going for walks

and being outside in general


Nolan has watched the Badgers make it to the NCAA championship (and put up a great fight).

Got his first pair of sunglasses

His first Easter


Nolan suffered from his 3rd ear infection this month.  He was getting fussier and fussier until my little boy who rarely cried cried for 2 hours straight.  We called the doctor at closing on Tuesday and got him in early Wednesday.  He was a trooper at the doctor-though he really hates when they look in his ears when he has an ear infection.  10 days of antibiotics and probiotics and he is ready to rock and roll again.

On the paperwork for Nolan's ear infection, under problems it lists: penile adhesion.  I had mentioned his penis looking a little off and Alex took him to his 6 month appointment and this is what we got: When the circumcision was healing, he also got very chunky.  His chunk pushed the skin up and the skin healed to the head.  The doctor explained it like this: uncircumcised is like having a turtle neck stuck over your head when putting it on, circumcised it is like a crew neck t-shirt.  Nolan has his crew neck stuck over his head.  The doctor said to just pull the skin back and make sure it was clean. We never knew it was an actual term and listed as a "problem on his file.  So, with something to look up, it got me curious so I googled it (and was very nervous for images to pop up!)  I (luckily) got links first.  Turns out when the doctor said pull the skin back and clean it, he meant pull the skin back firmly enough to remove it from the head and put vaseline on it so it didn't reattach.  We have now been doing that, but it appears there is a piece of skin that will not detach.  We will have to bring it up at his 9 month appointment and make sure all is well and if there is anything else we can do.  NOT fun.


Nolan has started eating Gerber Yogurt puffs (because they dissolve VERY easily-if he choked because he didn't chew, they would dissolve before I even had to get him out and help.  He did great with them (even though the strawberry was a little tart and made him make funny faces).  He upgraded to the cereal puffs in the last week. He is chewing those like a champ.

We have moved up to eating actual banana, pears, and mango.  He mushes the banana and pears, but chews the mango.  He is able to pick up most of the pear and banana, but mango has to be cut smaller since it isnt mushy so he prefers you to feed it to him as he spends a majority of the time chasing it around the tray.

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