Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY Home Decor

First off, I, Siraya Gloudemans, am a Pinterest junkie.  
Now that I got that out of the way LOOK WHAT I DID!

I found a post for the burlap wreath and I knew I NEEDED one!

Here is my version:

I used two different verisions of burlap, both found on  I used the jute fabric and the burlap ribbon.  I also used some scrap fabric I found around the house including  a white sheet.  I followed the tutorial the original post had on the site for how to make the rosettes.

It is a little different that the original, but I love it.

I have been looking and looking for a small pillow in lime green for our bed. They are always so stinking expensive!  I could not justify spending that much on a pillow.  While at JoAnn this weekend for some hot glue for my class igloo (see my teacher blog), I ran across this amazing leafy green fabric.  It was on sale too!  I bought a yard knowing I could make a pillow.  I then found a fleece pillow on clearance there for only $5.95 as well!  The two together made a great pair!

I wanted to do the back with a flap that made the cover removable (like our sham pillows) because I wanted to be able to wash it with out the pillow getting lumpy (our dog, Pudge, sleeps in our room and if this falls on the floor it will be hair magnet.  Being able to wash the cover will help keep some of this off the bed).

I first hemmed the edges.  I then placed the pillow in the middle of the fabric (right side in) and pulled the fabric up on both sides.  I put a pin in where the two sides met (and over lapped) and pulled the pillow out. I then pinned around the edges of the piece that was on bottom.  I sewed from the on side pinned down to where that same flap ended on the other side.  I then pinned the other flap down and sewed around that side NOT sewing the overlap (starting right next to it).  The pillow was a little fluffier than I planned so it would not stay closed.  I found a button I had from an old project and sewed it on in the middle.  A simple button hole and we are good to go!

The PLUS side: There was enough fabric left over for 2 valences in our room (which has 2 windows!) I hemmed the three sides first (short, short, long) with small 1/4" seams.  I then sewed a 1 1/2" inch seam for the curtain rod.  Hang and done!

Not bad for 3 days after working 7.5 hours of overtime, huh?

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