Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pallet/Antique Art wall

I taught early childhood for 6 years.  I have come to understand the value of kids coming in with the fine motor skills and experience with art supples before starting school.  Imagine taking on a new job and being expected to type a report but you have never been by a key board before. That is how many kids are coming in to 4k/kindergarten....they are told to do various sheets/projects to show their learning, but they have never used the tools before.  This is often due to the mess potential of art supplies.

Though I don't love mess, I totally value giving my kids the experience with the tools necessary to become successful later in life.  So, emerges the kids art studio I have created in our kitchen.   Now, I love organization and things matching so that is how the specific art studio came to be!
Now I should preface in saying my house is almost completely decorated in pallet wood and thanks to my husband and father-in-law, they are all matching pieces.  So, naturally I needed to create an art wall that matched as well.

I started with purchasing a piece of peg board.  I then painted it antique white with Rust-oleum 2x ultra cover spray paint (I bought from local Menards, available on Amazon as well)

I then got some (free) pallet wood from my father-in-law and borrowed the stain he used on the other items in my house (also available on Amazon).

I cut the boards to be long on top and bottom and the cut the side boards to fit in between the long ones.

We then stapled the peg board to the frame (we didn't have screws short enough to go into the board but not through).  We went through the back side of the peg board into the not stained side of the pallet wood.

When we went to hang this on the wall, we discovered the pegs would not go through the board if it was flush to the wall.  So we took some 1x4 boards and screwed them into the back of the peg board and pallet wood. We then screwed through the whole front (pallet wood, peg board, 1x4) into the studs of our wall.  I hung some pegs on and some buckets I had from my classroom (Target Dollar Spot Fall 2015) with chalk board spots.  I wrote the names of the materials on it to help with the literacy connection as well.

I hung some extra pegs so I could put a whole punch through any and all of the kids birthday invites and such as well as some of their art on the board.  As they get older I'll add more supplies.

**If you see these green chalkboard buckets at your target or have some from previous years I would LOVE more matching ones!**

Now he can begin working with markers, paint, and crayons.  I have begun fixing the writing tools in his hand so he can begin a pinch grip.  It is adorable to see him pick up a writing tool and move it around his hand trying to figure out how to hold it (though he usually ends back up in the fist grip--we have time)

You can take the girl out of the classroom/teaching, but you cant take the teacher out of the girl!

Themed Party-Dish to Pass

I want to be one of those moms who uses, nay creates, Pinterest worthy projects every chance I can. That being said, life is real.  Haha with my 2 beautiful babies and 2 fur babies, I can pull off a Pinterest project or two every now and then.

September is crazy birthday month for us.  I have 4 parties (more birthdays) that I bring a dish to pass or help out with.  In the beginning of September the themed invites start coming in and I sent out my, "what would you like me to bring" messages.

Dip and Fruit were this year's requests.

For my Godson, Calvin's, first birthday was construction themed.  His was easy.  I pulled an orange sand pail out of the garage (washed it really well don't you worry) and filled it with construction cones (Bugles).  Then I made a simple dip and put it in the Easter Basket Nolan got from Grandma 2 years ago, and then printed a dip sign.  Printer was naturally out of color ink so I had to color the sign yellow. First run I used marker and it printed again and used crayon this time.  Win.

Harper and Maverick are 2 years apart.  They are the cutest little duo and their mom does amazing pinterest worthy parties!  I knew their fruit plate had to live up (if the stars aligned and I had time).  Their party theme was Superman {girl} vs Batman.  So after browsing Pinterest a bit I decided to make the superhero fruit plate.  I started by googling Superman outline, and Batman outline.  I printed those and laid them on my cookie sheet.  I covered the cookie sheet with wax paper.  I then put an outline of the fruit on the black lines. Then filled in. I then put the next color filling in.  It actually went really quick the longest part was cutting the fruit (Alex is SO much better at cutting fruit than me so he totally cut it all, I will not take credit.  This isn't one of those I don't like doing it so I say he is better, but he is legit better at it than me!)  ps. I cut all the grapes in half the long way. Please no parents panic.
Photo from Ashley Wundrow (mom) facebook
This weekend I am Pinterest Mom.  Next week God only knows!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Stella Rose is 3 Months

I am not sure how it came to be, but little girl is 3 months old already (and I am days late).

Likes: Watching big brother, Nolan, Drinking milk, Her bouncy seat, Music, Light, Daddy saying "goo"

Dislikes: Having a dirty diaper, Being late to get jammies/vitamin D (after 7 is a no no), being hungry, being in the car for an extending period of time

Can: sleep through the night, go 1-3 hours between feedings, track objects with her eyes, grasp toys on her play mat, hold her head up on tummy time and has rolled once (we will work on it some more).

Stella enjoyed a day at the park with mommy's old coworkers.   She loved looking at the leaves/sun

We spend a week at Grandpa's cottage for the last time before he sold it.  Stella loved the sun, didnt mind her feet in the water, and hanging out with mommy and daddy lots. She slept through the night and did very well being away from home.

 She can sit in the bumbo!

Sleeps swaddled but is beginning to bust out!

Making some freaking adorable faces!

We celebrated Nolan's 2nd birthday with the Jansen family!

We went to the Dells for our annual "camping" trip. It was cold this year so we went to an indoor water park.  Had lots of fun but it was SUPER crowded as everyone had the same idea.  Ellie and Logan rented a double bike so we got to go on our first double bike ride.  We also celebrated Nolan's birthday on this trip.

Then we celebrated Nolan's birthday again!  He looks angry but he is hugging Stella!

We bundled our photos to do family photos, Stella's 3 month, and Nolan's 2 Year Photos.  EllieFay Photography & Design does it again!

Crazy hair, don't care is the best way to explain this little girl after bath!  Her party is in the front and the back!

Nolan wanted to go for a wagon ride and Stella cant quite sit up yet.  I took a pillow and put it next to her and then I put the blanket under her arms tying her up and we all could go for a wagon ride!

At the end of the school year, I got a gift certificate to go to the Greenville zoo.  We packed up the kids on a Tuesday and took them both.  We also went on the bonus train ride.  Nolan also shared Stella's Ergo--first time wearing a toddler.  We both really enjoyed it!  We had a lot of fun--so much fun Stella napped a grand total of 30 minutes that day!

Stella Celebrating Packer game day and wishing everyone a happy back to school! Stella is really happy mommy is staying home with her this year!

When at the cottage, we visited the Shabby Shack.  We love looking around and Stella dazzled them so much she made the facebook page!

Celebrating Badger Game day!  (boy was figuring out how to get the game on the TV at the cottage was a feat but they finally managed!)

Starting to bond a bit (still takes a lot of deliberate effort, but he put his arm around her and didn't want to push her away.....)  Happy Birthday Grandpa Chew!
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