Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Themed Party-Dish to Pass

I want to be one of those moms who uses, nay creates, Pinterest worthy projects every chance I can. That being said, life is real.  Haha with my 2 beautiful babies and 2 fur babies, I can pull off a Pinterest project or two every now and then.

September is crazy birthday month for us.  I have 4 parties (more birthdays) that I bring a dish to pass or help out with.  In the beginning of September the themed invites start coming in and I sent out my, "what would you like me to bring" messages.

Dip and Fruit were this year's requests.

For my Godson, Calvin's, first birthday was construction themed.  His was easy.  I pulled an orange sand pail out of the garage (washed it really well don't you worry) and filled it with construction cones (Bugles).  Then I made a simple dip and put it in the Easter Basket Nolan got from Grandma 2 years ago, and then printed a dip sign.  Printer was naturally out of color ink so I had to color the sign yellow. First run I used marker and it printed again and used crayon this time.  Win.

Harper and Maverick are 2 years apart.  They are the cutest little duo and their mom does amazing pinterest worthy parties!  I knew their fruit plate had to live up (if the stars aligned and I had time).  Their party theme was Superman {girl} vs Batman.  So after browsing Pinterest a bit I decided to make the superhero fruit plate.  I started by googling Superman outline, and Batman outline.  I printed those and laid them on my cookie sheet.  I covered the cookie sheet with wax paper.  I then put an outline of the fruit on the black lines. Then filled in. I then put the next color filling in.  It actually went really quick the longest part was cutting the fruit (Alex is SO much better at cutting fruit than me so he totally cut it all, I will not take credit.  This isn't one of those I don't like doing it so I say he is better, but he is legit better at it than me!)  ps. I cut all the grapes in half the long way. Please no parents panic.
Photo from Ashley Wundrow (mom) facebook
This weekend I am Pinterest Mom.  Next week God only knows!

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