Thursday, July 14, 2016

May--Not about pregnancy

Since the last post, we crammed a lot of stuff in to try and fit in last minute fun with Nolan as well as to try and induce labor!

We celebrated Mother's Day.  My students made these for their parents and they were just so cute I had Nolan make them for his grandmas (and mom because how precious is this?!?)

Nolan started to learn T-Ball with Daddy.

Nolan picked mommy "flowers" for the first time.  "Hi Mama! Flower!"

Nolan was working hard at his water table.  He was trying to fill the top so all the water trickled down and spun the wheel....haha science is hard!

I took Nolan to the "THINGS THAT GO" in Appleton.  He had a blast!  We are working on taking turns, waiting in line, and being done when our turn is done, but we are making progress!

Nolan has become obsessed with drinking from the hose.  It is a right of passage for any child, but it makes us laugh ho much work goes into it and now much he likes it.

Pool party with friends!

Alex came to talk to my students (and all the students in the district) about medicine safety (and red nose day)  It was hilariously adorable!

Grandma cut Nolan's hair!  It was fun and what better way to have someone hold still than taking selfies?

We celebrated Memorial day with going to the Appleton parade.  Parking was tricky and when we finally found a spot it, naturally, was at the bottom of a very large hill so that we had to push the wagon up it.  Not my best decision 2 days before being induced, but how else were we going to get up there?  Nolan loved the parade!  He also has developed an obsession with Flags since.

Memorial Day was opening day of the Splash Park so we went and met cousin Calvin there! At first Nolan said "no" and signed all done, but after some coaxing, we got him in and he had a blast!  Now he goes right in when we get there!

At 39 weeks we had a doctor's appointment.  There is a park that is very close by so we took Nolan there afterwards.  Nolan had so much fun playing in a new park!

We decided since Stella wasnt coming any time soon and we had a Honey Do list a mile long, we may as well stop saying after the baby comes and start working on it--and maybe it would make baby come!  So we gardened our whole front bed and back berm.  It turned out really nice and I love the way our year is looking!


It was cold, Nolan
is helping!

Stella's complete room!

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