Sunday, August 24, 2014

40 weeks--turns into the Birth Story!

How far along? 40 weeks

Total Weight Gain? 34 lbs
Maternity Clothes? yes, and popping out of the bottom of them!

Sleep: This week was tough--lots of bouts of insomnia

Best Moment this Week: Hearing the heartbeat, setting up an induction date (knowing the LAST day he would possible be here).
Miss Anything? Easy movement, normal clothes, sleeping through the night.

Movement: He moves at his regular times (7am, 11pm for sure).  Wednesday night he was moving like crazy!

Food Craving? no

Anything making you queasy or sick? no

Wedding Rings on or off? off

Happy or Moody most of the time? pretty moody. Very over being pregnant.

Looking forward to? Meeting Nolan!

Labor Signs? None.  After the weeks of labor signs, this week--the week leading up to 40 weeks, NOTHING.

Anything Else? Dr. Visit:
Our doctor appointment was on Monday this week because he was on vacation the rest of the week.  He checked me and I was still the 1-2 cm, 90% effaced.  I was very disappointed, I was so over feeling like this.  He told us that I would need to come in Thursday (due date) for a Non-Stress Test to make sure he was ok with an associate, a biophysical ultrasound on Monday (with him) to make sure all looked well, and then I was put on a waiting list for induction on Tuesday.  We left feeling defeated, but began accepting he was most likely just coming on the induction date and started making plans accordingly.......little did we know......
Thursday Morning, our due date, 40 weeks to the day, my water broke at 5:30am.  Of course we would go into labor that day.  Alex's work had been having trouble covering the night shift at his store so covering the whole day would be a pain in the butt.  I had 3 meetings including a staff meeting to know the plan for the year, I had 4k orientation to meet all the parents and set us school year expectations, and an IEP meeting for one of the students.  Mark and Katy (Alex's parents) had a funeral.  My dad was heading up north.  My mom had had vacation and gave it back.  Well, ready or not, here he comes!

 There were no labor signs leading up to it Wednesday night.  Alex worked 2-10 on Wednesday so I cleaned the kitchen because we were cleaning a room a day before the induction.  I went to bed around 11 and still felt nothing.  

5:30am I woke up and I was only a little wet--me not the bed.  I thought I just had an accident.  Basically Nolan had been positioned in a way that did not allow me to completely empty my bladder for 2 weeks.  I just assumed he moved and the relief made my body go with out me knowing.  I got up, changed, and went back to bed.  I stayed awake for a while to make sure that with me awake and in control I didn't get wet again.  I didn't after half an hour so assumed I was right and rolled to go to bed....and that is when I felt it again.  Still not 100% sure, I went to go try to empty my bladder completely and change again.  When I lifted my leg, enough fluid (still a very small amount) convinced me my water was broken.  I calmly walked to the bathroom door that faces Alex's side of the bed and said, "Alex, I think my water broke.  Please wake up."  

Alex got up and let the dogs out.  I did my hair and make up.  I was very calm. I was not in pain and I was not worried.  I went into the nursery and made the chalk board...afterall, we always take the pictures on Thursdays. ;)  I called Alex up to take my picture with the board and he thought I was crazy!  I reminded him I was not in pain and not in a hurry. All would be well.  He took my pictures, we put the dogs back to bed, and we got in the car that was already loaded (and had been for 2 weeks!).

We arrived at the hospital at 6:30am.  Again, we were very calm and I was not in any pain yet.  I went to the ER because I was told I go to the ER if your water broke.  Upon walking in, we must have looked like an induction.  I was dressed and ready, we were casually walking, no big deal.  They sent us to the regular check in desk.  After signing in, we had to wait to be taken back to the desk.  We set down our bags and started walking.  I started to have some contractions that were uncomfortable, but not necessarily hurt.  After about 10 mins I decided I probably should tell them my water broke we were not an induction checking in.  They said it was actually our turn to go in, so we calmly registered.  We got all checked in with our on call Dr. because ours was in Dallas, TX moving his daughter into her college dorm.  We made our way to the maternity ward.

We walked in and we were greeted by the head nurse.  She took us to a room and had me gown up. She did a test to make sure my water did indeed break, and got me set up.  I passed my water breaking test with flying colors, though through this whole process of getting to the hospital and stuff, I did not have much fluid at all.  That darn noggin of his was blocking everything.  It was 6:45am. 

 Alex and I realized we forgot to brush our teeth so we both took the time to brush them right away in the hospital. We thought this was hilarious. 

I was Strep-B positive so I knew I needed anitbiotics, but for reasons we dont know, when I had my preterm labor scare in June, they ordered a screening to know what anti-biotic to give me because I am allergic to penicillin, but the test was never completed.  They went to hook me up to my IV and get me ready for the antibiotic when ever it would come (they were going to wait until the on call doctor was actually on staff at 7am).  For whatever reason, my veins on the top of my right hand would not allow the medicine to flow correctly and after 2 fails, they had to put the IV in my left elbow nook.  It went in very easy there and worked correctly, but it  was in the nook of my elbow and I couldn't bend my elbow all the way because it was in the way (and very painful).  I was checked, and only 2 cm.

They hooked me up the non-stress test for half an hour to get a reading on Nolan and look at my contractions.  His heart rate was excellent.  I was having contractions every 2 minutes but they were not quite painful yet.

I started walking around the room to get things moving and contractions were definitely starting.   I was getting more uncomfortable as time went on.  I was trying a variety of positions.  I was standing, I was squatting, I was leaning on the couch, I was on all fours.  I was up, I was down, I was just getting more and more uncomfortable....and still having contractions every 2 minutes.   A nurse brought me some toast (I decided I was hungry) and some water.  She asked if I wanted to get into the whirlpool.  I GLADLY accepted.  

I got in the whirlpool about 7:30.  I would try to eat toast between contractions because I knew I wouldn't get to eat for a while if I didn't.  It wasn't great and I didn't like it at all but I got some down.  Contractions started getting more and more painful at this point.  I was starting to really have to breath carefully through them and was constantly trying to find somewhere comfortable.  They came in and asked if I wanted an epidural and I said not yet because I didn't want it to slow my labor.  I stayed in there for an hour and finally it was to uncomfortable to be in there any more. The steam of the water made me feel light headed and I just kept slipping when trying to find a position so I got out.  It was 9:15.

I was out for about 5 minutes when I was done. I asked Alex to call the nurse to see if I could get an epidural.  They checked me first--routine to make sure I wasn't to far along and I was 4cm.  They came in right away, and called the Dr.  Upon telling them I had scoliosis the requested the head anesthesiologist so that I could have a few complications as possible.  He walked in a few minutes later and assessed my back. He said an epidural would be no problem and got started.  I flinched a couple times, but otherwise did very well with the epidural.  It took him 10 minutes from walking in the door to walking out the door.  9:30.

Oh the relief of an epidural!  At this point Alex called my mom to let her know how far along I was.  She decided at that point to leave work.  I decided I was hungry again but all I was allowed was jello.  I ate my red jello and it was good, but I was still they brought me an orange jello (they were out of red...darn!).  At noon, I was 5-6 cm and "stretchy"  They decided to do the peanut ball, which made my mom laugh so hard!  

1:00 they checked me and I was 7cm.  Progressing nicely, not in pain.  I took a quiet rest.  Alex napped in the worlds loudest chair and mom was reading.  

2:00 they checked me and I was fully dilated!  They wanted his head to move down more, so they had me try the peanut ball a little more. That helped but they still thought he could go lower, so they had me go on all fours.  That helped even more, but still didn't lower him that much. 

3:00 They decided to have me start pushing.  The on call doctor was called to the Neenah hospital, but told us to call when I was very close.  I had a hard time pushing at first. I could not figure out how to not push in my face.  I pushed for 2 hours.  They said I was doing very well, but I was getting frustrated.  The two nurses (Libby and Anna who were amazing!!), could not figure out which way he was facing.  Nolan's head was so swollen they couldn't find the fontanel lines.  They thought that may be why I was having so much trouble.  They also said he was very big and I am, well, not.  Also, that stupid IV in my arm was giving me trouble because it was in the crook of my elbow, each time I grabbed my knees and pushed I was pinching the IV tubes so alarms would go off.  Alex got really good at turning it off after every push.  It was driving me nuts though! I had what we think was a pinched nerve that was not effected by the epidural so I was in quite a bit of pain (though it definitely could have been worse).  I was very hot and I wanted it cooler.  Alex kept pushing the power cool button, but at that point they told him he had to stop or it would be to cold for Nolan to come into the world!  Alex got a cool cloth and was rubbing my face and neck.  He was a God-send.

Finally I got some really good pushes and I was there!  It was not quite 5. There were 4 inches of crowning and they called the doctor.  The doctor was on her way.  Then, they nurses gave me the news....I needed to stop pushing. They were afriad he would come before the doctor got there so I had to stop.  I sat there waiting trying to hold him where he was so he didn't go back in.  25.minutes.later. the doctor came in running down the hall.  The nurses had the gown ready for her. She gowned up, got into place and I could push again.  Thank goodness!  5:12pm.

I pushed for her and progressed well.  At one point she said I had one more push and if I didn't get his head out, she was going to do an episiotomy.  I didn't want one so when the contraction came I pushed like I never pushed before....and his head was out!  4 more pushes and my Nolan was here!   5:27pm.

The cord was short so they couldn't get him to my stomach.  He rested on my hip bones held by the nurse while I rubbed him with my finger tips and Alex cut the cord.  He was then brought up to my chest and I was in heaven!  I did tear in two places--one a second degree, one a first degree.  Apparently she turned to get the tool to help me and I took over.  She stitched me up, the placenta gave us no trouble, and I was on the road to recovery holding our son!

8 lbs, 12.9 oz, 19 or 20 inches depending on who you ask. his head was super swollen and cone-headed so it was hard to get a good measurement.  We could not believe his weight! Initially, Alex thought the scale said 8.1, but there were many numbers after that!

We are a family of 3!

Ellie came and took pictures too!
We got to go home Saturday.

And we are home!

Meeting all of the doggies 

Grandmas dog, Annie, is so big, but so sweet!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

38 & 39 Weeks

For the first time this pregnancy, I missed a post.  I had a couple people contact me wondering if everything was ok and if I had had him already.  The truth is, it was a very emotional week that was harder on me than I anticipated.

How far along? 38 weeks
Total Weight Gain? +33
Stretch Marks? yes
Sleep: getting up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom, but sleeping pretty good between those.
Best Moment this Week: hearing Nolan's strong heartbeat
Miss Anything? moving normally
Movement: He is moving regularly and I think he is finally getting on a schedule.  
Food Craving? Not having cravings, but when grocery shopping I shop like a 5 year old.  I love Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, and Ego waffles for breakfast.  I also MAY HAVE ALLEGEDLY eaten an entire box of instant one sitting....while Alex was in the bathroom.
Anything making you queasy or sick? been doing pretty well.
Bellybutton in our out? out, way out
Wedding Rings on or off? off
Happy or Moody most of the time? moody.  I am very emotional and had a very hard time this week.
Looking forward to? Meeting him!!
Labor Signs? Tuesday I was STILL 1cm 50% effaced.  I was disappointed to say the least.  On Thursday, blog day, I started having some pretty intense pains.  They were pretty constant and pretty painful.  I was pretty uncomfortable.  Alex and I went for a walk and when we got back, they were there for about 4 hours.  We decided to call the Doctor to see what they said about coming in.  The doctor on call told us to wait until I changed me breathing or had trouble talking through the contraction to go in.   We resumed watching tv and toughing out the contractions.  I woke up during the night and tried walking to help things move along.  All I got was less sleep.  Friday I continued feeling ill, achey, contractions and just thought I was in early labor.  Alex called work and told them he would come in, but may need to leave if my labor progressed and it may be time to go to the hospital.  They told him to take the day off and be there with and for me during the day.  My mom and I went shopping to get me walking, Alex and I went walking, and I walked and I walked and we bounced on an exercise ball all night, and then walked some more.  Went to bed as normal on Friday and woke up Saturday....Fine.  I woke up completely fine.  30 hour of discomfort, thinking I was at least making my way to labor, Alex had off of work for days with his weekend off and Monday as a vacation day already. I just had 30 hours of false labor.
Anything Else? False labor is a very difficult thing.  I took it very hard.  First I got all excited I was going to have a baby!  I was so excited to be in pain because it meant my little angel was coming, and soon!  It was hard on my body, but I knew it would be worth it.  Then when Alex got off of work on Friday and then for the next 2 weeks I felt like we were settling down to take care of our baby. I felt like an idiot.  I felt like a failure.  I felt like an idiot.  I was embarrassed that Alex now had to call work back and get his hours back.  I cannot believe I was so wrong.  Then on Sunday, Alex got called into work.  It was nice he got to make up his hours from Friday, but we also knew it probably wasn't a good idea if I was home alone.  I went over to my moms and spent time with her and the dogs to keep them active and my mind busy.  Keeping my mind busy helped me to cope.  After that, I didnt really feel happy to still be pregnant, but at least I wasn't as upset and emotional as I had been days earlier.

Bouncing and stretching.  Trying to make him want out!

How far along? 39 Weeks--Never, in the past 10 weeks, did I think I was going to make it to 39 weeks.  It is totally surreal to be this far along.
Total Weight Gain? +34
Stretch Marks? yes
Sleep: Same as last week: up every 2 hours but ok in between. I am finding myself more tired even when I wake up though.
Best Moment this Week: jumping into the lake in a 90 foot deep section.  I was very nervous that I would sink like Pudge, our puggle.  I grabbed a noodle, took a deep breath, and jumped!  It was quite exhilarating and felt so good on my swollen body.  
Miss Anything? moving normally
Movement: same predictable times--he is very responsive to my touch
Food Craving? Same 5 year old diet.
Anything making you queasy or sick? no
Bellybutton in our out? out, way, way, out.
Wedding Rings on or off? off
Happy or Moody most of the time? Unhappy and uncomfortable until Wednesday.  I was so uncomfortable, and unhappy to be so uncomfortable.
Looking forward to? Meeting him!
Labor Signs? I was still in quite a bit of pain through out the week.  I just assumed this was what the last weeks are like, complete misery.
Anything Else? At the doctor on Tuesday, I was still only 1cm-not quite 2 yet, but I am also 90% effaced.  I also mentioned to the doctor that with the position that Nolan is in I am having a very hard time emptying my bladder so we maybe should check if I have an infection because that is how they are caused.  He tested and sure enough, bladder infection.  Should be an easy fix with an antibiotic.  Problem?  I am allergic to penicillin-the only safe antibiotic in third trimester, except for one.  One that is hard to find, not sold very many places, and one Alex has never seen dispensed in his many years working in a pharmacy.  After he called around, he did find one pack.  We picked it up and it is a powder you mix with 4oz of water and drink.  $60 later, I have this strange antibiotic.  It tastes like very bad citrus.  Apparently I only needed to take that one dose, thank goodness at that price.  I was still pretty miserable on Tuesday and my back was still killing me.  I thought back and realized the pain was where my kidneys are, where I had my pain when I had my kidney infection.  It made me very nervous as the Dr. told me to watch for back pain.  At this point,  I have no idea if my back pain is pregnancy related or kidney related.  At this point I have no idea what is normal.  I called the doctor and they suggested checking my temp 2 times a day and going in for blood work just for a piece of mind.  Blood work was Wednesday morning.  It came back looking normal. The antibiotic has started working so I was feeling much better, which is good because I am not quite sure what our other option would be besides having him and getting an antibiotic that is safe while breastfeeding. Hopefully infection stays away for 11 days (at the most!!)