Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2 Months Old!

Nolan is 2 months old! Here is an update of what has happened this month. 

Photo shoot with Mommy & Daddy  
Weight Gain/Growth
Nolan went to the lactation consultant on Monday-the day before he turned 2 months, and he was 12lbs 7oz.  He then went for his 2 month wellness visit Wednesday, the day after he turned 2 months, and he weighs 12lbs 10oz.  Way to go Nolan. They want him at an ounce a day and he gained 3 ounces in 2 days.  Way to go Nolan! Nolan is in the 56% for weight.  At 22.9 inches, he is in the 43% for height/length.  His head circumference puts him in the 58%

Nolan has been sleeping great!  He recently started sleeping 6-9 hours a night. If he wakes up, it is usually between 4am and 5am and then he sleeps again until 8ish.  He is not sleeping as much during the day, but I will gladly take that if he is sleeping through the night.

Milestones & Likes

Nolan is doing well at holding his head up.  He is holding his head up when he is on his tummy and even pushing up a little with his hands.  He is also doing really well holding it up when he is sitting on our lap.  

Nolan is grasping things and loves batting at the play yard with his hands and his feet.  He really likes
to do it.  The laughs, smiles, and coos when he is doing it!

He loves to be "super baby."  We hold him in the air a lot like the airplane game on your feet and hold him in the air.  He loves to be super baby, and it is funny to drool on mommy and daddy's head!

first time sucking his thumb
First time apple picking
First time mommy and daddy left Nolan with a babysitter
first photoshoot with his cousin
First time at a corn maze-and out with Grandma Dawn
First time at a corn maze-and out with Grandma Dawn
First time pumpkin picking
First extended family picture
 Nolan had his first ear infection at 6 weeks.  We didn't even know, but took him in because the cold he had was leading to what we thought was wheezing.  When we got there, she had trouble looking in his ears, but they looked red.  He was put on amoxicillin and did really well on it.  No allergies like mommy and all better.

Nolan's belly button is still herniated, but it  is getting smaller.  It is definitely healing and it is still soft so it tells us that it is healing and most likely wont need surgery.
Nolan and I have been going to see a lactation consultant because I have been having some pain while nursing which I have realized is not normal and he is still feeding very frequently.  I have been told I have vasospasms.   Basically I have to avoid cold, cover up as soon as I am done nursing to avoid air contact, and then figure out what is going wrong with Nolan's latch.  For now, they are saying Nolan has a dysfunctional latch.  He has some dimpling of the cheeks, slides off while nursing, gets frustrated easily, gets tired easily, and nursing frequently.  We have been referred to a speech and language person to do a suck analysis to help with this.

The nurse practitioner thinks Nolan has Torticollis- he struggles looking left.  We have been referred to Calumet county birth to three so we can get some physical therapy to help gain movement.  There is some minor flattening on one side of his head due to the preference.

Nolan did really well with his shots today, only crying for a minute or two, but is pretty sleepy and fussy right now. Cuddles are definitely the plan tonight.

Family Photos

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