Monday, June 10, 2013

Dr. & Mrs. Alex Gloudemans

Alex officially graduated with his PharmD over Memorial Weekend!

It was kind of nice to be back in Illinois and see old friends, see old hang out places, and be back where we were for our first year of marriage.  Though I did not particularly enjoy the majority of the time we had there, there is something sentimental about the first place we had,  the first time we did everything on our own, and the first of many things.

The banquet was fun to see friends we haven't seen since the last Pharm Friend Wedding (last August). It was a little lengthy, but Tyler did a great job with his speech!

Some Banquet Photos:

Ahhh! Doctor!  Although, I have a bone to pick.   I supported his but for 3 years, dressed him for the day, AND I was the one to fill out the reply card in the first place, and all I get is "& Guest"?!?!
So many silverware!

It was a wonderful ceremony.  It was short to the point and he left a Doctor!  Alex worked his butt off for this day so I could not be more proud of him for making it this far.  I love you Dr. Alex Gloudemans!

And Finally, for your grand finale---or should I say, The End

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