Sunday, December 11, 2016

Stella Rose 5 & 6 Months

Well last post somewhat began to explain my lack of presence on Facebook, we are in the midst of a pretty time consuming diagnosis with Nolan, but to take the craziness up a notch, the kids have decided to either alternate nap (Stella naps 10 to 12/1,  Nolan naps 12/1-3, Stella naps 3-5) OR everyone just boycotts nap all together.  Moral of the story, Never.  Well, they have some pity on me in the past few days and I am getting this done!

That being said, look how much this little girl has grown in the past 6 months!

5 Months
Likes: her brother, sitting up, playing with her toes, chewing on hands/thumb, sleeping on her tummy, Daddy singing "If You're Happy and You Know It"
Dislikes: Being hungry, being tired, being cold after the bath, sleeping
Can/Does: sit with support, prop up on arms
Size/Weight: Peanut.  Still in 0-3 Month clothes, newborn shoes, and a small zippy

We try to take the kids to the children's museum frequently.  1 to get out of the house 2 to get the wiggles out and 3 if we can get our act together soon enough on a Tuesday we can take Nolan to the puddle jumpers class.  Stella loves the learning garden!

The neighbors called and needed a back up sitter so we decided to take the neighbor girl too!  All 3 of us when down the slide which was a lot of fun!  Such a great place to bring kids!

I took the kids to the coffee shop where we met Grandma Gloudemans and Cousin Cal.  It was crazy how well Stella did and how patient Nolan was too!  They all look so big here!

Stella absolutely loves laughing at her brother, especially when he is jumping and watching Blaze!

Happy Birthday to Me!  I spent my birthday with the kids with the exception of the break to get my hair cut.  It was nice to cuddle and look all that I have accomplished in my years on this earth. (and color away the grays they have given me 😂)

After trying and failing to get to the library due to construction, we went to Skyzone and jumped.  Even Stella enjoyed bouncing in daddy's arms!

Teething and not feeling well has led Stella to try out the paci again.  She isn't quite sure how to use it, but when she learned how to blow it out, it was hilarious!

Fall weather means fall clothes.  These outfits were just to adorable not to take a picture of them in!  Nolan is getting more accepting of his sister, but mostly because we are trying to make it a positive experience.  You can watch Blaze, but you have to hold Stella.  She just adores him!

We took the kids with our friends to the annual pumpkin patch trip.  We had a lot of fun looking for a pumpkin, playing in the playground, and just hanging out.

We have been trying out story times, play times, and puddle jumpers to get Nolan more social.  It is a great thing Stella is so "go with the flow" because she just happily tags along to all of it!

So Nolan was 3 months older than Stella at each of the holidays, but since she is such a peanut, she gets to wear a lot of his clothes!  It is so freaking cute so be prepared of a lot of comparison photos!

Here she dressed it up a bit with a tutu.  Then she surprised the crap out of me and can sit for very short periods of time on her own!

Stella has deemed herself a tummy sleeper. I keep putting her in on her back but she always rolls.  she is great at rolling and is getting good at sitting up and propping herself up on her hands so after a few days of flipping her, I am leaving her.

Again, its such a good thing Stella goes with the flow.  Here she is helping mommy with Usborne book work while trying one of our methods of getting Nolan to sleep....sitting out his door and saying lay down every time he gets up.   Its obviously hilarious to her.

The kids in matching zippys is just adorable to me!  Jeeze these kids make my heart smile!

Here we are with both kids sick again. Stell and Nolan both asleep in my arms.  I spent 10 days in the house with fevers, antibiotics, and misery and we survived Stella's first ear infection and our kids having 3/4 ears infected.

Took the kids to the Halloween in the park in our town.  Super small and low key and perfect "practice"These two, seriously.   Since Stella was a unicorn, unicorns have kind of become her thing.  Taking right after mommy. She is such a ham too!

Celebrating Halloween with my little pumpkins
Stella has discovered her feet/toes and the fact that they reach her mouth.

Trick or treating was fun but pretty cold.  We did our street and then the fire department pulled right onto our street and handed out pencils!  Then we drove to grandma and grandpa Gloudemans and went down their street.  We had a lot of fun!

Here is one of those adorable comparison photos!  Nolan 2 months, Stella almost 5 same onesie, same bumbo, totally different looks 😂

Stella bean being the ham that she usually is!  Getting photos goes pretty quick as long as you get them before she eats the stickers making them dissolve and impossible to get off the onesies.

November 1 was super warm!  It was 70* so we took the kids to the environmental center to get 1 more use out of the cute summer clothes and enjoy the weather.  We had a lot of fun on the walk and watching Nolan run the bases!

After the environmental center we decided to have a final campfire.  We had the Jansen family over and enjoyed being outside and just the final fling before we are all locked indoors due to the cold!

6 Months

Likes: sitting up, chewing on everything, daddy, daddy singing Happy and You Know It, Nolan, the doggies
Dislikes: being cold, being hungry, being tired, being startled, sleeping through the night
Can/Does: sit up, kind of clap, actually jump in the jumper, scoot backwards, prop herself up
Size/Weight: 13lbs 14oz (10th percentile) 24" (1 percentile). She is following the curve still so nobody is concerned with her small stature.  We go in for a cardio appointment at the end of this month to find out if she is cleared from cardio concerns!

Getting really good at sitting up!  Watch her eyes spot daddy and then light up when he starts singing!

Happy Veteran's Day!  We have many veterans in our life and we are so thankful for all of them!

Nov 12 paci out of crib

She is turning into a little hoot!  Supposed to be napping but found a paci in her crib.  she was playing with it until it falls down.  

It is getting colder out but it is still unusually warm for this time of year in Wisconsin.  We are trying to get out as much as we can. Stella is in her 3 month snow suit playing at the park with Nolan completely sitting up on her own now! (We do keep her on soft surfaces in case she falls back but that isn't very often)

And this is why we are using the 5 point harness now.

Playing with toys like a big girl at story time with Nolan!

Yay first snow!   Stella didn't like the wind in her face but as long as the wind was at her back she was totally fine with it! So freaking cute!

The same day as the first snow, I had my first Usborne booth at a vendor fair.  Ms. Stella came with so mommy could nurse vs pump.  She was a big helper, great spokesperson, and brought lots of attention to the booth!
look close, she is there!
Stella also got to meet the Grinch at the vendor fair!  She was just so smiley the whole time!   

Getting her scoot on!  Wants to move so bad!

backed herself into a corner with all her backward scooting!

Tried rice cereal for the first time! She did really well! 

Since she can sit up, she was basically trying to do a sit up while in the bath seat.  We decided it was time to take out the big kid seat! She loves it! 

ps. backing herself into a corner, cereal, and big kid bath seat was all in one day! Big girl!

Another trip to the children's museum!  Stella is just a ham for the camera so mommy took some shots.  Badger joined it.  Stella is getting to do more and more at the museum and I think she really likes that!

this foggy water thing is mind blowing to both kids!
ahh more scooting and moving around!  

Thanksgiving!  Bring on the more comparison photos and "photos we take every year."

Smiley pictures for the holiday!

At grandma and grandpa Gloudemans, Stella tried some stuffing and Nolan and Stella got to sit at the grown up table!  

Friendsgiving 2016 was held at our friend's house.  The kids in their matching jammies and the adults in their holiday sweaters, we celebrated watching Mickey, opening presents, eating a meal, and playing with friends!  We have grown a lot over the years (in size and number!)

Getting our tree at Whispering Pines.  We drive a long time to walk through the mud to find the perfect tree and ride on the tractor or horse pulled wagons.  One of our favorite family traditions!

Nolan got to help decorate the tree this year and Stella loved watching Nolan and the lights.

The mandatory kids posting by the tree photo.  I got them to look with the BeatBelle Stella got for Christmas.  Then I got the adorable photo of them looking at it and being by each other (happily)

Stella promoted from cereal to oatmeal and sweet potatoes!

6 month photo shoot with EllieFay Photography & Design!

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