Wednesday, January 21, 2015

5 months!

Nolan is 5 months old! Here is an update of what has happened this month. 

Weight Gain/Growth
Nolan had his 4 month visit a week after he turned 4 months. He was 15lbs12oz-52% and 24.8in tall-42%.

We haven't weighed him since his 4 month visit, but since then his 3-6 month and even some 6 month jammies are getting short and tight.  He is over 16lbs for sure.

Sleep & Bedtime Routine
Nolan is sleeping through the night! He starts his bedtime routine between 7 & 7:30-depending when he gets a little fussy. We do diaper, changing table fun, jammies, vitamin D, and vitamin e drops in his ears (on Sunday's). Mommy then nurses and he goes to sleep between 7:30 and 8.  He then sleeps until 5:55am when mommy wakes him to nurse. If mommy doesn't have to work he sometimes sleeps til 6:30. Then he nurses and goes back to sleep until 7:30/8. He is sleeping at night in a swaddle sack. 

Nolan is doing great for naps. He was sleeping SO MUCH BETTER in a swaddle, but since he is rolling (not yet in bed) we thought it was time to start transitioning him out of the swaddle so we could do it super slow. We first borrowed a friends Zippity zip after seeing them on SharkTank before we Invested in  our own since they were expensive (and out of stock in his size). He rocked the punk ponies!
Since he did well in the borrowed ones, we purchased our own when they went on sale in his size. It was a big investment, but once it was done it's been great. Nolan wore it at grandmas for the first time this week and when she put him in his crib sleepy but eyes still open, he napped-for over an hour TWICE! We are so excited he's getting the sleep he needs and he's so comfy in his zippy!
Milestones & Likes
 Rolling from his back to his tummy (over his right)
 Rolling from his back to his tummy (over his left)
Getting up on his knees, kicking, getting those muscles ready to crawl

Grabbing toes
Eating socks-on his feet and pulling them off and eating them.  Mommy went to get a diaper and came back to find him like this!  I think he needs more human friends--right now he thinks he is a BadgerDog!


Propping himself up on hands.  I is up on his elbows a lot but here was up the highest I have ever seen!  All the way on his hands arms closer together and completely straight.

Sophie, Lalee, corn cob, towels


Christmas morning-a boy and his dogs
At Grandma and Grandpa Jansen's Christmas morning.  

  Christmas afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa Gloudemans.

 New Year!  {2015}

Come to school with mommy-Katy had court, Alex worked 8-4, and I only have students for one hour.  That means Nolan came to school with mommy while she prepped all Friday morning and then the lovely staff at school watched Nolan for my hour of kindergarten Math.  He did so good napping, playing and being such a good boy!

Sitting in a high chair for Monday dinners

"Downhill" Sledding

We won cutie of the week for "All moms do it best" again for winter fun!