Friday, November 21, 2014

3 Months, Baptism, Halloween, and First Snow! Big Month!

Nolan is 3 months old! Here is an update of what has happened this month.  He is growing like a weed! 

Photoshoot with Mommy. He was SO smiley he made this one really
quick!  Good job baby, Mommy is so proud!

Weight Gain/Growth
At the Lactation consultant on the 11th, he weighed: 13lbs 10oz.  He was gaining .7 oz a day where they would prefer him at 1 oz a day.  Not much of a difference, but she would like me to try and feed him longer and get him to eat a little more. 

Sleep & Bedtime Routine
Nolan is sleeping 9-10 hours consistently through the night now!  Yay!  I have been waking him to feed him at 6:30, and then he goes back to sleep until 7:30/8. 

When I started back at work, I had to wake him at 5:45 to nurse and then he went back to sleep while I was working.  He is doing really well with sleeping and changing his schedule just a bit to work with mommy's work schedule.

Milestones & Likes
 When the county was here for his Birth-3 evaluation, she said he was right on 3 months (at 11 weeks) for many of his skills.  The areas we need to work on (scoring 2 months at 11 weeks) is following objects with his eyes and grasping toys.  He does both, but we are working on them being more consistent and stronger. 

Nolan really is doing well with Mommy going back to work.  He visits a lot of people and he is doing very well with all of them!  Of course, mommy and daddy had the most chaotic week of work ever.  Again, he handled it like a champ. We are so proud!

Nolan is getting so good at lifting his head!  He is sitting propped up on surfaces and loves the bumbo.  He is talking and cooing and if mommy and daddy are having a conversation his conversations get louder and louder so you HAVE to pay attention to him.

First set of shots-they made him very sleepy---he slept 19 hours and he ate for 3.  He was awake for one hour-the hour we were at the doctor.

First Sacrament-Baptism.  

Ryan Gloudemans, Alex's brother, is his Godfather.  Nolan was baptized with his cousin Charles on the same day.

I follow a mommy page on facebook.  Each week they have a "cutie of the week" You submit a photo that fits their category and the one with the most votes wins cutie of the week and is the page's profile picture.  This week's category: family Halloween.  We won!  And yes, I am that mom that dresses to match their kid
Being measured for the first time on his Baptism present from Auntie Brynn and Uncle Scott
First Bowtie!
First time volunteering at St. Edward.  We were librarians for the day

Nolan giggled for the first time!
Happy Birthday Uncle Ryan (Gloudemans)

Holding his head up like a big boy and having tummy time on the boppy

First Halloween

Nolan talking

Nolan Laughing
Getting good at finding my thumb. 
Sitting in the high chair so I can eat with mommy and daddy

Watching the game JUST  like daddy.
I follow a mommy page on facebook.  Each week they have a "cutie of the week" You submit a photo that fits their category and the one with the most votes wins cutie of the week and is the page's profile picture.  This week's category: BabyMugging.  We won!
sitting like such a big boy in my bumbo!
Outgrowing my infant napper

First Snow!  In November!
Mommy was getting set up for 3 month pictures tomorrow, and seeing how he fit.  He was so happy he just hung out in the box with his feet up for 15 minutes!
Wearing 6 month clothes!

Nolan began therapy on his mouth for his dysfunctional suck.  He basically isn't using his cheeks and tongue when he is nursing.  This can affect his speech later, but it can also cause more cavities (dry mouth) as well as cause problems with his tonsils, adnoids, snoring, and more.  Therefore, we find it important to pursue the therapy--early intervention.  It has been going well.  He is making progress.  He has gone from nursing 10-12 times a day to 6-8 times a day.  He is going 2-3 hours between feedings now.  He is making great progress, but we need him to make a little more.  He is still sleeping with his mouth open, and he is still leaking milk when he is nursing.

We are up to 9 stretches 3 times a day.  They don't hurt him (I tested them all on myself), but he hates them.  When we do the therapy he gets all worked up.  He gets hot and sweaty and cries very loudly.  He just started crying with tears so that makes it even more emotional for the person giving him his therapy.  It is hard because he needs it 3 times a day and since many of the caregivers don't know how to do it, he need to have it the 3 meals he has at home with mom at the end of the day.  This makes them close together.  He is tired from not really napping during the day and then he gets his therapy and all worked up that he is falling asleep while eating.  It feels somewhat counterproductive if he isnt eating because he is to tired from the therapy that is supposed to make him eat better.

We are keeping at it as hard as it is on our heartstrings.  The improvements are apparent and we know it will honestly help him in the long run, but boy is it tough on us all now.

Nolan was assessed by the county's Birth-3 program for his torticollis.  We met with the teacher and physical therapist and he does qualify for services as his torticollis is considered a gross motor/physical delay.  The therapist emphasized that although it is considered a delay, she doesn't like using it because its not as bad as it sounds.  She feels it will be easily fixed with some therapy.  She doesn't even think it will take the 6 months he is in the program.

The therapy we are doing for his torticollis currently is only one exercise and a lot of lifestyle modifications.  When he is on the floor, his toys and we are always on his left.  When he falls asleep, we turn his head to the left.  When we hold him to our chest when walking, he is looking left.  These are easy to do and this therapy does not seem at all as difficult as the other.  

 We are looking into chiropractic as well, but the 3 that were recommended to us are all 1/2 hour drives and honestly, it is very hard for me to get to 3 appointments a week while working now.  I will obviously do anything he needs, but I am holding off on adding something in addition to all the other treatments until someone tells us otherwise.