Sunday, September 21, 2014

1 Month-Growing Boy!

Nolan is a month old today! Here is an update of what has happened this month.  He is growing like a weed! 
1 Month photo shoot with mommy!

Weight Gain
By his 2 week appointment, Nolan had gained a pound from his leaving hospital weight.  (9lbs 5 oz)  I look down at him nursing and I cannot believe the changes in such a short time.  We had to put the newborn clothes away, used the last of the newborn diaper packages that are open, and moved the straps up on his car seat.  He is such a little chunker!  I love, love, love kissing his cheeks and holding him.

I decided I needed know know how much Nolan weighed, so I did the very scientific test of measuring myself, then myself holding him to get the difference.  I did it 5 times to get a consistent number so that makes it more accurate right?  Well, results are in and he is a whopping 11.6 lbs!

Sleep & Bedtime Routine
Nolan has been sleeping very well.  He has been sleeping every 2 hours since we brought him home, and in the last week, he has been only waking two times 1:30 and 4:30.  He started sleeping and only waking two times when we started his bedtime routine of bath (Tue, Thur, & Sun), diaper change, jammies, nurse in the glider, and then go to sleep in the bassinet.  It has been going very well!

Milestones & Likes
Nolan is doing pretty good at holding his head up.  He doesn't mind tummy time, but he is pretty lazy when it comes to laying on the floor.  When he is is on his tummy time mat, he tends to fall asleep or just lay and stare into space.  If he is on his tummy on our chest, he lifts his head up, makes eye contact, and is really working those neck muscles. 

Nolan is starting to smile and coo at my face and some things hanging when in his bouncy seat, his swing, or his car seat.  

Nolan loves to hold onto things, especially mommy's hand while he is nursing.  He was even holding his pacifier the other day in the car. 

If Nolan is fussy there are a few things that calm him.  He loves things that vibrate. He loves to be in his bouncy seat (he stole from grandma's house because it vibrates the best), his swing, and his bassinet.  He also calms when he is lifted up above mommy or daddy's head.  Daddy insists on making the rocketship noise each time even though mommy says it is unnecessary.  He also likes when you swing his carseat like it is a swing front to back or drive his stroller side to side.  Finally, he loves the music and light on his mirror in the car, but only if the car is moving.  Red lights and waiting in parking lots is evil!

Nolan also likes to take baths and be naked.  He sits so content in the bath, and he looks all wide eyed and cute in his towel afterwards.  He also likes to be naked when you are changing him and getting him ready for bed.  If you add in a little baby talk and tell him he is "all nakey" he coos and smiles.  

Being his first month of life, Nolan has had many, many firsts.  This section is large this time!
 First official document filled out--Also his Godfather's first "official business"

First Packer Game (Pre-Season)

First Car ride-home from the hospital

First time meeting my fur brothers 

First piece of mail

What was in his first piece of mail

First photo shoot with EllieFay Photography and design
First high school football game (Cheering on uncle Max)
First time meeting Jaxson and First Badger Game
First regular season Packer Game
First picture with my tree (We bought Nolan a tree and we will take his picture with his tree every year for his birthday to watch the two of them grow together.  The tree is a redbud tree.  Daddy picked it out because it has cool flowers and because it's leaves are shaped like hearts.)
The first person I wished Happy Birthday, my Grandpa Tim (Chew)

First time being worn

First VH Open (golf outing). I had to stay with the girls for the after party--to young to golf yet, but I look adorable in my golf clothes!

First time in the garage helping mommy and daddy.

First official piece of mail--He is on the waiting list!

 First time at B-Dubs
First time in the "Carlos Carrier"
The day after bringing Nolan home, he started to turn a yellow color and his eyes started turning a little yellow as well.  We were told to keep an eye on him turning yellow-on his billy-Rubin levels-because we did not have the same blood type and there was mixing of our blood at birth.  I got my rhogamm shot to help me with that as well.  They took his billy-Rubin level twice at the hospital and he was on the high level, but not to high.  Anyway, we were watching his levels an with his increased color change, Alex called the doctor (of course it was a Sunday).  They told us that if he was eating and going to the bathroom like normal (he was) then he would be fine until our appointment the next day.  At his first appointment then that Monday, the doctor said he would be fine, his color was not to yellow, and we were still ok as long as he keeps eating and pooping (he was).  Crisis averted.

The following weekend was Labor day weekend.  Naturally, being not only a weekend, but a holiday weekend, we noticed Nolan's tongue and roof of his mouth was white.  We did some research, and it could be milk residue (though it didn't rub off) or thrush.  Alex, again, made a call to the doctor. They also said it could go either way and sent in for a prescription just in case.  Alex picked up the prescription, but we never ended up giving it to him as the white started to fade.  Next crisis averted.

Nolan has been super gassy lately.  I feel so bad for the poor guy as he will be asleep and start kicking and crying out in pain until he passes it.  Gripe water has been our savior at helping combat that, but it took a couple of nights of needing constant cuddling, patting, and bouncing the gas out to get him some relief. Thank goodness he is responding to the Gripe water so we don't have to see the little guy in pain!
In the last few days we have noticed that Nolan's belly button is swollen. It has not gone down so we did some research and it appears to be a herniated belly button.  I made a call into the pediatricians office, and they said it does sound like an umbilical hernia. It should go away on it's own, but we will know more when we go to his 2 month appointment.

Nursing & Pumping
Nolan has been nursing very well.  He eats his fill in about 7-12 minutes.  Currently, we are only nursing on one side because I was getting very engorged when he ate on both and he was only getting the foremilk and not enough hindmilk.  With him only getting the foremilk, he was not sleeping as well, wanted to eat very often (which was sore for me), and was gassy.  Once we switched to eating until he stopped on one side, he is doing much better.

I have begun pumping one time a day.  I pump in the morning after his first feeding on the side he did not nurse.  For reasons I dont know, Nolan chooses to only eat half a breakfast at 7:30 and would want to eat again at 8:30.  If I pumped both sides (made this mistake twice), there is no milk for him to drink when he is hungry again at 8:30.  We had to resort to a bottle one of those times. Now he eats one side, I put him down to sleep in his crib, I pump the other side, and he is waking up to eat on the original side again.  It is working pretty well for the two of us.  I am getting about 3-4oz on the one side each time which makes me feel confident in my supply in the freezer.  We are going to have Alex start giving him bottles for little errands (my 6 week check up, shopping trips with my mom, etc) so that he is used to the bottle when I go to the Vanden Heuvel Girls shopping trip and Work.  Hopefully he transitions to the bottle well and we can figure out how much he takes from a bottle so it is a smooth transition to the times he is away from me longer (which I am not looking forward to!)