Thursday, October 8, 2015

3 month wrap up

Oops!  It has been a wild 3 months since the last blog post!  I have no idea where time when and I have no idea how we got to be 7 weeks since his first birthday and the last blog was 10 months.  The only thing that makes me feel better about it is we have been having so much fun with Nolan I haven't stopped to take the time to blog about it!

The way his brain works amazes me.  At just 10 months and a few days he sat and diligently studied and experimented with this rock and shovel.

We took family photos with Ellie at High Cliff State park.  He did so well!

4th of July.  We celebrated at home as Alex had to work the holiday, but we did have a cook out with the Wundrow family and then went to the Menasha fireworks--which Nolan slept through!

Nolan learned to walk 2 weeks after the blog post.  4th of July he walked from mommy to daddy for the first time and only 1 week later he was all on his own.

We went on our first camping trip with our friends as a family of three.

Been walking for 3 weeks and already climbing on everything!

Splash Park was so much fun he was even running in the water....but then he got his first boo boo by stubbing his toe and going lip first into the cement.

Became obsessed with Mickey.

Celebrated my new cousin at his baby shower.

Turned 11 months

We went to Pelican Lake for the first time.

We spent our week up at Legend Lake.

Babysat Mady for a week-and went to the splash park with her
Went to the zoo and fed the giraffes.  Met a new friend, Dalton.  Had his first lemonade in a souvenir cup.  So much fun!

He even worked on those walking skills and pushed Dalton at the zoo.

Went to Packer training camp. 

He loved the echo, space, and ceiling fans in the atrium.

Eating with a spoon with his first meal of his own at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Help Mommy set up her classroom--while watching Mickey

He got so good at walking, he insisted he do it in our decorative wooden shoes!

Little Stinker won't sit and is pushing mommy's buttons already.

Turned 1 year old!

 First Birthday Party!

Birthday Bike!

Birthday 4 Wheeler ride

Attempting to drive the 4 wheeler from Uncle Ryan, Brittany, and Cousin Charles.

Birthday Roller Coaster at Grandma's!

Mommy's first day of school as a mommy!

1 year photo with tree

First Cousin- Calvin Scott VanZeeland Born September 14, 2015!

Labor Day Weekend at Pelican

Fall Family Days at Kaukauna Farmers Market Nolan got to go to the firetruck.  He absolutely loved it!

Harper turned 3 and Maverick turned 1 all at one birthday party.  All his friends are grown up just as fast as he is!  He also loved getting a cupcake at the party.

First wedding & Photobooth

Being a daredevil--and revisiting baby seats we brought up for cousin Calvin to try out.

Charles' Birthday Party

First Car Shopping Trip

First Trip out of state, Minnesota to meet Daddy's Pharmily (Pharmacy school family).  Nolan did great sleeping the 4 hour drive at bedtime on the way up there.  On the way home his 2 hour nap went well but then he wasn't a fan of being awake for 2 hours strapped to a seat.  The same episode of Veggie Tales 5 times, with an additional 6 times of the intro song, a stop at McDonald's playland and we made it home.

Kissing Everybody!

Nolan is talking quite a bit and has about 15 words in his vocabulary.
Mama, Dada, Doggie, All done, baba, please, cheese, fish, shoes, hi, bye, nana, hot, bumpa (grandpa)

Nolan is quite the handful as he likes to be independent.  His 1 year molars are on their way in and they seem to be bothering him some-making him fussy right now.

Ahhhh, he is such a big boy!  Sleeping through the night, going up the stairs by himself, asking to go outside and saying please when he wants something.  He brushes his teeth and then says all done brusha brusha and puts his own toothbrush away.

I could go on and on ranting and raving about how awesome this boy is.  We love you Nolan Alex Gloudemans.  Happy 1 year and 7 weeks of your life buddy.  Mommy and Daddy love you so very very much!